Monday, May 04, 2009


It truly amazes me how one can look at a little life so precious and not believe in God!
It also amazes me how a newborn knows how to turn to mom's breast for food and how they are unique with their own personality already. I am done the baby stage by almost 8 years and I am thankful I don't have to go back there but being around a newborn makes me realize how precious life truly is.
It is also a good reminder to me that each and everyday is a chance at a new beginning, even though I can't physically crawl back into the womb and be reborn I have each day to start anew, with new resolve. Each morning I have the opportunity to rise and spend time with the one who loves me the most and ask, where should I begin again? what should I leave behind? I have discovered a few answers to those questions and I am excited about some of the new beginnings in my life, one of them being leaving complete trust in God, knowing that He has my best interests at heart and even though things might not always work out the way I want them to I can trust that He knows what He is doing!!
I thought I'd share a new beginning with you, I had the honor of photographing my friend's newborn, his name is Cade....isn't he the sweetest ??

Have a blessed week , the start of a new beginning!!!


ValleyGirl said...

He IS a cutie!!

I'm so excited, too, about the feeling of having a new beginning! I mean, I KNOW every day is a fresh start, but there seems to be chapters in life, too, and I think I've started a new one of those in my walk with God. Very cool. And about stinkin' time!

LOVE the new look!!!

svea said...

what a doll he is and yes today is a new day yippeeee new grace, new joy new sun =) hugs to you today louise~

Nadine said...

Wow - great shot Louise. He is a cutey.

candypb said...

Deep thoughts by Louise!!!!
Love it, not mocking.
Great picture, first of all, and your so right. I'm trying to start fresh right now as I write this and I think this will be my third attempt since 7:30 this morning. God is so good.

Jody said...

It is refreshing that we can always grow and learn and have new beginnings.

Also, that's a really sweet picture of Cade. :)