Monday, May 25, 2009

Morning Laughs....

With the pouring rain outside I drove my kids to school this morning and as I am about to park and let them hop out I say to them ' You are going to have to run because...(here I break out into song and sing loudly) 'It's raining men, Hallelujah, it's raining men.'

Keziah my seven year old jumps out of the van
and says ' Have a good day with all the men raining down, hope you find one.'

I laugh and say 'I already have one, remember? He is sitting at home.'

She replies matter-of-factly with a chuckle ' Well get him to rain down from the sky so you can catch him again.' and off she runs a big smile on her face.

I giggled all the way home.
My kids so often make me smile and laugh out loud, I hope that I will be remembered as a mom who was full of laughter and fun and that they will always know how much joy they bring to my life.


Nadine said...

Kids are so cute - they way they think and what they say.

candypb said...

Great story!!!! How does she come up with these come backs? Much smarter then me, thats for sure.

Kathy and Carl said...

That's my goal too. I don't want the only pictures that my kids draw of me are with a mop and a scowl on my face...and then they draw a picture of their dad, the fun parent! Ack! It's good to have a good laugh over the witty things they say to show them that you indeed spill out in laughter.

Mike said...

And that's a great memory right there—for you and your 7-year old.

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Roo said...


Andrea said...

That is TOO funny, girl! I love that you belted out into song. I can totally picture it too!!

Rose said...

Oh that's so funny, She is just like her Mama, always has something funny yet meaningful to say!