Thursday, April 30, 2009


It seems in life we can be gripped by so many things, we allow things like fear, doubt, anxiety to take hold and grip us.
I got such an amazing picture of this the other day as I was tucking my sweet girl into bed, just moments before she was jumping around happy and laughing and giggling about something and then as soon as I pulled up the blanket up to her neck she looked at me and her eyes were full of tears. It was as if a wave had come over her and it had truly gripped her. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that she was so scared that something would happen to us and our house that it would be completely destroyed and everything would be lost. Wow this took me back a bit and then the preacher came out in this mama and I repeated 2Timothy 1:7 God has NOT given us a spirit of Fear but of Power, Love and a sound mind, and that means that this fear is not something that God has given to you and it is not something He wants you to think about, He wants you to have a SOUND mind, filled with peace and good thoughts. She asked me if I could print out the verse and put it up in her room so she could memorize it, which I did immediately and placed on her mirror, after we prayed she went on to have a peaceful sleep.
This is such a big deal in our society, every where I go there are people gripped walking around in a constant state of fear, anxiety,worry and it causes so many side affects, the biggest one being that we are not able to enjoy life the way that God intended us to enjoy it. Are there going to be issues in life to deal with and things pressed against us that may try to cause fear and anxiety? Absolutely put through it all with God as our source we are to be filled with a peace that passes all understanding and the JOY of the Lord as our strength.
I guess I am so passionate about this because I want my children to live life to the fullest, take time to be silly, to laugh, to love and live a full life and deals with issues as they arise but don't allow the problems in life to stop the joy and it breaks my mama heart when I see how easily fear can try to take hold and grip a child like that.
Of course there are days when I am sad or upset or just plain cranky because goodness I am human I just really don't want my circumstances to define me.
I love what someone once said, 'It is not about our circumstance because God IS our circumstance.' I want to purpose myself in life in such a way to try and live each day to the fullest even though I so often fall short I keep on keeping on because no matter what others may think GOD IS GOOD!!!


snapshots said...

Amen to that!! Great words. Scripture I've been claiming this past little while. God is so good. So amazing.

andrea said...

that's a great verse. I feel like I have just come thru a whirlwind and I am so thankful to have God walk beside me and the unknown in my life. What great time to teach our children true PEACE. A great reminder...and God is SO GOOD!!

Kathy and Carl said...

I tell you, that spirit of fear that is consuming so many people is so awful. If only we would rest and trust in his arms, and know that we weren't made to be fearful!

CC said...

I know and I need to remember that. Ironically, I am thinking about that MORE after the death of my colleague and her daughter, not less.