Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well okay maybe not but imagine my delight when I saw my eldest son sitting by my laptop looking deep in thought clicking away wearing his shirt and tie.
These were my thoughts...
1) He is looking WAY to grown up.
2) Why is he dressed like this??...oh yes he was finding something suitable to wear to the symphony with his looks good, too bad it was canceled due to another snow day :(
3) This might be what his work attire will be someday and if that is the case his wife better LOVE a man in a suit.
4) I really don't want him to grow up right now, is it true that age 10 is the perfect year for boys??? I mean which boys still love to cuddle and give their moms a big hug and WAIT for a smooch on the lips...I pray that lasts!
5) I SO love this boy who was a surprise for us and I feel so blessed that God gave him to me to parent, I pray that I do a good job and raise him to be a respectable, God-loving young man!!

****notice that lack of much snow out the back window? that was BEFORE the storm hit we now have at least a foot of snow...grrr and there we saw grass for a fleeting moment now it feels like Christmas all over again :(


andrea said...

yikes! he does look so grown up! handsome too! and yes, he is the perfect age. too bad he had a snow day...seriously, that's a ton of snow..I was wearing sandals on Saturday!

Kathy and Carl said...

No doubt he looks grown up! Wow. He is an incredible boy at a wonderful age.

And so sorry to hear about the snow. If I could only send some heat from Bolivia via Fed Ex to melt the snow!

Nadine said...

Funny how a dress shirt and tie makes a young boy look all grown up. He's very handsome.

Okay - 1 foot of snow - I'm so sorry about that. That's way too much snow.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How cute!!


CC said...

so he is a future lawyer? accountant? politician???