Friday, March 27, 2009

A Big Mess.....

A big huge mess, I can either get angry about it throw a mini-tantrum and then clean it up all the while still fuming letting it totally irritate me or I can look at it and deal with the fact that I made it, clean it up.

Got me thinking to all the times in my life where I have created a problem and stood there and stared at the problem, getting angry at it, calling it names, making excuses all the while thinking that the problem which I made to begin with would clean itself up. When I really could have used the other approach and looked at the problem, admitted my part in it and gone through the process of cleaning it up. Why does it sometimes seem easier to throw a tantrum at the problem rather than cleaning it up? when in actuality all I am doing is hurting myself. When do I become mature enough to stop creating excuses and begin taking the steps to cleaning up the problem.

This has been an ongoing struggle with me in terms of losing weight, believe me I can think of all the excuses in the book and I can throw a heck of a tantrum about it and beat myself up telling myself all sorts of nasty things when in all actuality I did this to myself. No one spoon fed me the cravings I had, nobody made me do anything that I didn't do to myself. Yet when I see the mountain I have to climb I can so easily allow myself into the thinking that it will never happen so why bother. As I was exactly on that thought process I heard a little voice inside of me say 'take it one day at a time Louise'. That is it, that is the key, God has promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us and He truly does care about my problems even though they may seem insignificant to the world, He loves and cares about me. Knowing that I am not on this journey alone is so reassuring. The world wants to compete for beauty, for weight for anything and everything, and yet I know for me this is a journey in cleaning up a mess a little bit everyday that I have made and do it with a good attitude.

I have failed in this area more times than I can count and who knows I may fail again but what I do know is that no matter what, as my daughter told me just the other day, ' It doesn't matter what the number on the scale says mom, all that matters is that you believe in yourself and that you love God.' wise words from a 7 year old.

So here I begin my process of cleaning up...............
Every Friday I am weighing in and will be doing updates every Friday I have a friend who has joined me on this journey for those of you who want to join us, please do.
Today I was down 2 :) It is a start up the mountain I must climb!!
I will entitle each post Cleaning Up the Mess Fridays.........stay tuned!

**** that picture above is a real mess that I made last night, I laughed it off and told the kids, 'there is no use crying over spilled milk' I managed to clean it up with a good attitude :) its a start!!


liLi said...

What a great post!! It is so hard to focus on one day at a time...much easier to look at that HUGE mountain ahead and be intimidated. I think that it is awesome that you are going to do a friday post...what an encouragement to others. I almost cried when I read what Kez said...why can't we see things as simple as a 7 year old does!!! I'm with you every step of the way!! Love you bunches!!

Debbie said...

Thank you for the inspiring words. I too struggle with my weight and I'm to the point of why bother. It's such a mountain and I don't want to spend my life worrying about what I look like. There are more important things about a person and their life then their looks. It's something I have to remind myself everyday because I really wish I was as skinny as the ladies around me. My kids too are so sweet..they tell me I'm not fat. Oh to be a kid again with not so many worries.

Roo said...

go louise go!!! i'm in your corner sister!!

and as for the mess...i can relate. i read about a mother that everytime her kids made a mess -- instead of getting mad-- she would say "grab your camera" and celebrate the moment. i try to remember that. sometimes i forget.

andrea said...

what a great can do this with His help! I have tried and tried too and the hill just gets overwhelming .In January, I prayed that if God could shut the mouths of hungry lions, this is the same God I am calling for help...with lots of prayer and focusing on others' concerns I have been able to start taking it off...about 15-17 lbs. I want to join you and I'm so excited that you have already lots two!!! YAY!!!
Was this mess from the 5 minute cake? looks vaguely familiar!

Wanda said...

How excellent Louise ~~ Two of my daughers who fight the weight have joined with me to lose weight and eat healthy. I lost the 30 last year, and have put back on 10.. So I'm in the same boat too.

BTW ~~ I posted a picture of your bouquet and teddy bear today!!
Love it.... I so love it!!


Kathy and Carl said...

Go Louise Go!
Go Louise Go!
You can do it!!!

Erin said...

You are awesome!! I'm rooting for you and looking forward to seeing your progress...cause I know you're going to succeed!

Scrapping Servant said...

Darn! Why did I eat that ice cream tonight!? More water, just more water! Loved your post, thank you for being so real!

svea said...

you are a light sweet louise, and He who is in You is greater than he in th eworld, adn the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in YOU, that is power. You are on an incredible journey. I am behind you 100% lov eyou lots!

Super Fun Mama said...

Oh your welcome and thanks for commenting about the resurrection eggs. This was a great post! I am trying to lose weight too and am the queen of excuses.