Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break.........

Kids are going to Granna & Papa's they leave this morning and come back on Friday night. So what do I have planned??

1) Re-doing my daughters room as a surprise for her, I am painting, the walls ,the furniture and hanging a cute chandelier. I hope to post before/after pics :)

2) Evenings chilling out with my man

3) Studying for my exam on Thursday..eeek

4) Sleeping in......

I am so blessed to have in-laws who take the kids every year for spring break, it is something the kids and the grandparents anticipate and gives me a great excuse to do some stuff around here and gives me time to relax and enjoy my man.

So in case you don't hear from me for a few days I am busy with one of the above.

I leave you with a pic of Conrad and Rex, who would have thought we'd ever have a dog and like having him around so much, this pic just goes to show you that anything is possible:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Big Mess.....

A big huge mess, I can either get angry about it throw a mini-tantrum and then clean it up all the while still fuming letting it totally irritate me or I can look at it and deal with the fact that I made it, clean it up.

Got me thinking to all the times in my life where I have created a problem and stood there and stared at the problem, getting angry at it, calling it names, making excuses all the while thinking that the problem which I made to begin with would clean itself up. When I really could have used the other approach and looked at the problem, admitted my part in it and gone through the process of cleaning it up. Why does it sometimes seem easier to throw a tantrum at the problem rather than cleaning it up? when in actuality all I am doing is hurting myself. When do I become mature enough to stop creating excuses and begin taking the steps to cleaning up the problem.

This has been an ongoing struggle with me in terms of losing weight, believe me I can think of all the excuses in the book and I can throw a heck of a tantrum about it and beat myself up telling myself all sorts of nasty things when in all actuality I did this to myself. No one spoon fed me the cravings I had, nobody made me do anything that I didn't do to myself. Yet when I see the mountain I have to climb I can so easily allow myself into the thinking that it will never happen so why bother. As I was exactly on that thought process I heard a little voice inside of me say 'take it one day at a time Louise'. That is it, that is the key, God has promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us and He truly does care about my problems even though they may seem insignificant to the world, He loves and cares about me. Knowing that I am not on this journey alone is so reassuring. The world wants to compete for beauty, for weight for anything and everything, and yet I know for me this is a journey in cleaning up a mess a little bit everyday that I have made and do it with a good attitude.

I have failed in this area more times than I can count and who knows I may fail again but what I do know is that no matter what, as my daughter told me just the other day, ' It doesn't matter what the number on the scale says mom, all that matters is that you believe in yourself and that you love God.' wise words from a 7 year old.

So here I begin my process of cleaning up...............
Every Friday I am weighing in and will be doing updates every Friday I have a friend who has joined me on this journey for those of you who want to join us, please do.
Today I was down 2 :) It is a start up the mountain I must climb!!
I will entitle each post Cleaning Up the Mess Fridays.........stay tuned!

**** that picture above is a real mess that I made last night, I laughed it off and told the kids, 'there is no use crying over spilled milk' I managed to clean it up with a good attitude :) its a start!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well okay maybe not but imagine my delight when I saw my eldest son sitting by my laptop looking deep in thought clicking away wearing his shirt and tie.
These were my thoughts...
1) He is looking WAY to grown up.
2) Why is he dressed like this??...oh yes he was finding something suitable to wear to the symphony with his looks good, too bad it was canceled due to another snow day :(
3) This might be what his work attire will be someday and if that is the case his wife better LOVE a man in a suit.
4) I really don't want him to grow up right now, is it true that age 10 is the perfect year for boys??? I mean which boys still love to cuddle and give their moms a big hug and WAIT for a smooch on the lips...I pray that lasts!
5) I SO love this boy who was a surprise for us and I feel so blessed that God gave him to me to parent, I pray that I do a good job and raise him to be a respectable, God-loving young man!!

****notice that lack of much snow out the back window? that was BEFORE the storm hit we now have at least a foot of snow...grrr and there we saw grass for a fleeting moment now it feels like Christmas all over again :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trying to Fill Those Shoes........

I think the most important shoes to fill
are your own,
because after all no one can do
what you were born to do!
So don't compare yourself to others.
Be you, Be real and You WILL Shine :)


**if you are looking for the UBP scroll down :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome to my first ever UltimateBlog Party....

Grab a cup of coffee and lets have a chat.....

I am Louise Hoeppner, 32 years old living in the center of Canada. I have been married for 11 years to the most wonderful man Conrad(pictured with me above) who was a former pianist for the local professional ballet company, he switched careers to construction sales a few years back since he lost his love of music. He has since slowly regained his love of music and is currently writing and recording his own music on the side, stay tuned to my blog for recordings.

We have three children aged 10, 8 and 7. They are all in school full-time but keep me busy when they are around since they are at the lovely stage of constant 'conversation' as they like to call it, I call it bickering :) . I have been blessed though to stay at home with them while they were little and I don't regret it one bit!!

My oldest son Noah loves TaeKwondo is currently a yellow belt. I like to call him my future engineer he loves taking things apart, building and figuring everything out. He is the child that still asks why?how? at every turn constantly trying to learn more. I usually leave those questions for dad. What I love most is that he is still giving me big hugs and 10 really the golden age for boys?

My middle child is Ezra he is definitely gifted at music this week he figured out Fur Elise by Beethoven by ear and also transposes music to guitar, he is also my strong-willed child I know that whatever he puts his mind to he will accomplish. Always the entertainer he keeps our family laughing with his random actions and comments.

My youngest is a girl named Keziah (Kez-ee-ah) huge High School Musical fan, a bit of a cheeky attitude but a heart of gold and is a bubble of energy, she also enjoys TaeKwondo and is working on her yellow stripe.
She is a bunch of fun when the camera comes, loves to bring out the silly poses.

Well that is my family, now about a bit about me I was a stay at home mom until this past year, I re-joined the travel industry. I love to travel we took the kids to Cuba for a week in January then my hubby and I went on a Caribbean Cruise. In October I am heading out on a trip to Europe to London then on to Barcelona for a 12 day Mediterranean cruise with a girlfriend.
If I could travel once a month I would but I know that right now my priority is raising those kids to become active/productive God -loving members of society. I am blessed to have a husband who encourages my travels and subsidizes :)

A few things I love, not in order:

1) First cup of coffee everyday
2) time with friends, sleepovers, coffeeing, watching the Bachelor - sad yes ;)
3) a great belly laugh, I love a good laugh
4) my kids they bring me amazement and wonder every single day
5) my amazing hubby even though there have been ups and downs we are still together going stronger than ever :)
6) prairie sunsets
7) scrapbooking
8)chocolate milk...well anything chocolate for that matter
9)my hubby playing piano till my kids fall asleep
10) snuggling in a blanket with a good book
11) my dog Rex ( big name for a little dog) pekingnese/shitzu cross
12) music-such a variety can't pinpoint my favorite
13) Jesus ,His Word and His unconditional love :)
14) taking pictures of anything and everything especially my kids

Life is good and there is so much more I could tell you all but I hope to see you again !!

Leave a comment and I'll be sure to stop by your party!

Have a fabulous day :) Again thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Reflections of a Cookie Cutter Life...

As I was driving home from my in-laws last night this came to my mind, Louise you live a cookie cutter life, a cute little family, married and living in a suburb. I can't help but look at my life and believe I do have what the general population would call a 'cookie cutter life'.

The reason I say that is partly because of my family and Conrad's family, both our parents are still happily married , his for 43 years and mine for 36. My mom's parents are still together this year it will be 61 years, my dad's parents and Conrad's grandparents were together with their spouses until one of them passed away.

It is truly amazing in this day where most of the kids at school come from divorced families or have had their families affected by divorce or separation in some way. There is so much hurt all around and I have been fortunate enough to have not been affected by what society calls the 'norm' these days. I am happy and contented with my cookie cutter life. Growing up with parents that have always shown and given love, in-laws who I love dearly who I call Mom and Dad and they call me daughter and do so happily(I hope ;) )

As I continued driving and my children were sleeping behind me I prayed that they too could experience the 'cookie-cutter' life. Is our marriage always perfect and smooth? absolutely not, it takes work and time but I know that with God's help we can walk through this journey of life together and do so happily.

I know that people reading this may not have had the same experience as I, others will have. What I do know is that all of us have our own stories to tell about how circumstances in our life has affected who we today. I felt that I needed to express how blessed I was realizing this on my ride home, it made all the moments of 'growth' truly worth it.

What is your story?

Sunday, March 08, 2009


My dear daughter has fallen in love not with a boy, but with a pair of mittens. These mittens go everywhere with her on these cold Canadian days. They follow her to school, church and even the doctors office where I get a strange look from the doctor and I reply to the look with, 'No really, we can afford new mittens, in fact she has not one but TWO other options to choose from' ...yet she hangs on to her favorite. The dear doctor then replies with a wink ' maybe these need to get lost?!'.....I begin to nod in agreement with the wise man when out of the corner of my eye I see my daughter fold her arms, her mittens safely resting in the fold of her arm and a glare beginning to form and then it comes ,THE threat 'don't even think of it mom.'
Every time I see these little friends I pick them up and walk them over to the 'bin of death' and as I am about to drop them into their new home I hear my daughter say 'don't even think of it mom' and I stop...
SO I send my daughter off to school everyday with her favorite mittens wishing, hoping that someday soon she will look at me and say...'okay mom I think it is time to let go.' It's either that or spring will hopefully come soon and she will no longer need mittens.
I could get into so many deep theories and thoughts on this topic but instead I have decided to share with you all the precious mittens that should really have a name of their own by they are.....aren't they beautiful?! (if you want a close look, click on the pictures to view a larger image :} )

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


This morning started like any other, parents and kids rushing around getting ready for our various things we had to do today when I stopped and looked at my middle son and had this conversation...

"Ezra did you ever apologize to that girl you kicked at school the other day?"

'Umm I think so.' Ez

"Not good enough, did you or did you not apologize?"

'I don't think so.' Ez

"Well then that is your job today at school, I want you to find that girl at school and apologize for kicking her"

'No mom I don't' want to, it wasn't my fault and I am not the only one'. Ez

" It doesn't matter whose fault it is, you have to take responsibility for your actions and apologize"

Insert wailing and gnashing of teeth from middle son Ezra.

Meanwhile I am standing my ground and not backing down, letting him know that Noah(oldest son) will find him at first recess and walk with him to find the girl and apologize and if he doesn't do that Noah will call me and I will call the principle and get her involved.

Insert MORE wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Then he stops and turns to me and says emphatically

This caught a bit off guard and this is what I told him...

" Because I am not raising kids, I am raising adults and if you have such a difficult time humbling yourself to apologize to a girl that you hurt at school imagine what a rough time you will have apologizing to your wife someday when you hurt her, the only thing in the way is your pride."

So I dropped him off at school needless to say he was very angry with me and slammed the door and walked today I am praying for my boy that he can swallow his pride and humbly walk to this girl and apologize.

As a mother I always hope I am doing the right thing and doing my best to raise my kids to be loving adults goodness knows it isn't easy but I really hope all this pays off......

****update Ezra came home from school and let me know that the girl wasn't there today but stated that he WOULD go and apologize to her tomorrow if she is there.....I guess with a little time to think it wasn't so bad afterall, now hopefully he remembers can bet I'll remind him ;) thanks for all your words of encouragement!!
*********Update, Ezra did in fact apologize and shared that it felt really good to do that and that next time it won't be so hard!!! (AMEN my mother's heart smiles)