Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are off.....

Once again I am packing this time only for my hubby and myself, no guns(Jan 8th post) to worry about this time...whew.
This time we will be cruising on the Ruby Princess on a Western Caribbean cruise with some friends. I hope to have time for email and internet and if I do I will try and post, if not I'll be back on the 10th.
I am so thankful for my in-laws who are moving in for 11 days to take care of our kids, what a blessing....
Have a great week everyone.
{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to you all!

Friday, January 23, 2009

11 Years ago today.....It was a Friday just like this...

I was nervous, my stomach was turning with apprehension and excitement I had just turned 21 and it was now my day to walk down the aisle with my dad. At the end of the aisle waiting for me was a young 27 year old beaming with happiness and a bit of apprehension too. I was four months pregnant and hoping to get through the day without any sort of 'morning-sickness'.

Does this sound like the perfect way to start a marriage? Many would say no, even I would have said it before it happened to me. Conrad says he knew he wanted to marry me a week after he met me, I wasn't so sure but as time passed by I realized too that this was the man I wanted to be with. It was after that realization that we found out we were expecting. BIG news for our families and friends and a shock for us. Yes I admit this was a tough time for all of us but we all came together .Conrad and I never once doubted that we wanted to be together,the moms basically planned the whole wedding as I was dealing with being tired, career college and morning sickness. I am SO incredibly grateful for the two moms who planned the perfect wedding day. It was beautiful, black and white with red roses.

We have come a LONG way since then it seems, Noah was born 5 months after we got married, that was a huge adjustment for us, never once have we looked at him as a mistake, he was our surprise and the time for him to be born was perfect. Since then we have added two more to our family had our share of ups and downs but I still choose Conrad everyday. He is definitely the one for me,he has a heart for God, he is patient, kind, an awesome father, friend and lover.

Yes the beginning might not have been 'the fairytale way' to begin but I don't regret it one bit I consider myself blessed to have married someone who is willing everyday to work on the marriage part and has blessed me so much as a friend.

I am praying for MANY more years together.....the best is yet to come!!

Happy Anniversary babe!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time to breathe....

Since coming home I have needed time to breathe so here I sit and will make the time. I thought I would share with you all a little bit of what I wrote while on the road back to the airport from our hotel.....and a few pictures of course.....

January 16th, 2009 -9:30am
Driving through the countryside on route to the airport I have many thoughts on this 3 hour journey on rough roads destroyed by the hurricanes through various towns and villages. I see many things that I long to understand, I have had the privilege of traveling to many different countries and seeing people in various walks of life yet the Cuban people amaze me each time I visit. They seem so happy and contented with a life that we would deem extremely simple and yet there is a part of me that longs for simplicity.
I peer through a shuttered window an
d see a single rocking chair in a tiny room and think to myself what is the life of the person who sits there daily, what are their dreams? do they have a family? As I look through another window I see five women all sitting in a circle, is this their version of "morning coffee?" As we continue to drive along a kind lady blows me a kiss, a little boy smiles and waves, an elderly lady is sitting on her porch enjoying the fresh air, a young couple is sitting on a swing deep in conversation.... there are so many people everywhere.
What do they think of us people who travel into their country by the thousands most not wanting to immerse themselves in the country but rather want a speedy trip to the bubble of a 5 star hotel in the lap of 'Cuban luxury' while still complaining about the best that Cubans have to offer?!
We are without a doubt blessed by the wealth that we live in everyday just because we live in Canada, yet I am sure if you'd ask most Cubans they too would say they are blessed. For what is the standard by which we judge blessing and wealth is it by the stuff that we accumulate and the houses we live in? or is it by the love of family and friends that surrounds each of us.
Each time I visit I become so aware of th
e consumerism that surrounds our culture and how easily I fall into it and each time I make the resolution that I need to be more thankful everyday with what I have instead of always wanting more.
Goodbye Cuba I know I will visit

**** about 170 pictures on Facebook for those of you who know me on there ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We are home.....

It was an awesome trip, great memories with the kids, my brother, his wife and my nephew.
Its been crazy since we got home and it will be for the next few days, I will post more when I have time .
Hope you are all doing well!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Okay so most of you know how us moms work, they check and double check until they know that they have everything they need an upcoming trip. So imagine my horror when I found this item safely tucked into my middle son's CARRY ON luggage, I will give you a hint this is what it would look like on the security scan........

UM YEAH........

I can see the headlines now
"Family Misses Vacation While Waiting for Someone to Post Bail".....gotta wonder what these children think sometimes, they DO keep us on our toes. YIKERS close call!

We are off to the airport in 5 hours and I need to finish packing and maybe get a few ZZzzzzs.

Adios, catcha all later! :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Life moves at a steady pace.......

WOW things have been a little nuts around here since the holidays, I have officially started in the travel office in the big city, so far so good. I have been enjoying the commute and short days I work from 9:30-2pm and home early enough to get a bit done at home before the kids are home. So far I am only going in three days a week.
We leave in 48 hours for our family vacation to Cuba, I have a friends daughter coming to house sit so I have to have my house in order before I leave. I am almost finished packing and have a few last minute things to pick up. The kids are so excited they can hardly sleep at night. I am praying for good weather, safe travels and a lot of fun with the kids and my brother and his family.
So I won't be around till we get back.
Hope you are all well :)
HUGS to you ALL!