Friday, November 21, 2008


Thank-you to everyone who participated in this... great questions!!
So get yourself a cup of coffee,tea or chocolate milk pull up a chair and enjoy, it is a long one...

Mama Geek asked -
What inspires you and where are you going on your next vacation?

Louise answered -Tough one to answer, so many different things inspire me at different times. When it comes to taking pictures it is seeing God's creation through the lens and trying as best as I can to capture a glimpse of it. In Marriage it is seeing people who have great marriages and learning from the secrets they share. In parenting it is following after a vision of my children being amazing adults who impact the world around them. That vision inspires me to discipline and spend the time and energy needed into my kids. But most of all it all boils down to my relationship with God and reading His Word, that inspires me to be a better person in all aspects of my life.

Next vacation is a Caribbean Cruise in January!! Very excited about that, just me and my hubby with some friends of ours, and then a Mediterannean Cruise in September.

Wanda asked
Who takes all those darling pictures of you and Conrad....the kids?

Well I will let you in on a little secret, the picture in my header for example if you look closely at my hand you will see a little wireless remote, (this was before I realized I could set it on a 2 sec. delay so I would have time to hide it). So yeah the pictures of me and Conrad are all with remote or me just holding up the camera.

Rose asked (my sis-in-law) -
Who has me for a ticket name this Christmas?

Wouldn't you love it if I actually knew, I actually didn't rig it this year. I know hard to believe but I actually don't know who anyone has except us and Al and Beck, Oh and Sheldon because he showed me..sorry!! :)

Roo asked
How did you meet? and fall in love?

I will let Conrad answer this one......We met on the beach at Falcon Lake. I was on my way to do some rock climbing in the Minaki area but decided to stop at Falcon Lake to camp for the night. In the morning I thought I would hang out at the beach for just 1 hr. and ended up staying all day. Volleyball with this young and pretty girl replaced climbing with sweaty unnattractive boys. We're still falling in love. Louise says of course that is the 'Coles' notes version so I will give you mine too, my friend Gaby and I headed to Falcon for the day and as we lay there on our blanket on the beach I looked up and saw this guy walking alone in the water and I said to my friend...'Can you imagine if a guy like that came up to us and started talking to us?' as I wiped the drool from my mouth, she said 'Nah he isn't my type.'...well no sooner had I said that then he walked right up to us and asked us if we wanted to play volleyball...I said yes of course, my friend sat and watched us the whole day and got the worst sunburn ever (thanks dear) and then he invited us to meet up with him at a movie later that evening ,my friend politely said she was busy and I said yes, we ended up walking and walking and walking instead of going to a movie and the rest they say is history....he knew after 2 weeks he wanted to marry me, it took me a little longer than that :) and yes our loves grows everyday, we are blessed!

Andrea asked
Where is your favorite place to take pictures?
I don't really have a favorite place I like exploring and finding new places to capture, I love traveling to new and exciting places so taking pictures there is a must, problem is sometimes you actually forget to enjoy the place without just seeing it through the lens. My favorite people to take pictures of are my kids and they indulge me very often in allowing me to do just that.

What are your love languages and in what ways do you bless each other with them?

Louise answered - Conrad's main love language is Touch and his Second is acts of service. So he really appreciates when we can sit close together when we go out to people's places or just at home, even now he is sitting beside me on the couch with his arm on my leg. I make sure I give him a hug as soon as he comes home from work and we hold hands a lot when we go out or drive etc. As for Acts of Service that is a work in progress for me, I try to have the house tidied when he comes home, cometing the sink in the kitchen is a thrill for him....if he sees me doing that he is beside himself...I know too funny.

Conrad answered - Louise's love language has been changing ( a sign of growth ). She used to be 100% gifts but now also enjoys words of encouragement. I think of her often and take the time to say so. Romantic cards on any occassion serve 2 purposes - it's a gift and tells her how much I love her. (I think I will commission Wanda to send me a box of her cards with romantic scenes. She does amazing watercolors)

Pam J asked-

1) Do you and Conrad do devotions together?

1) Louise answered - we both have our own devotion time he usually likes to do this in the evening reading his book and then reading the Bible, I do mine in the morning early before anyone else in the house is awake, this usually consists of spending time solely in the Word . What we do together is pray, we pray at night together and have found that this has brought incredible closeness in our marriage.

2) What do you plan on doing when you are 'retired'?

2) Conrad answered - Instead of 'retired' I want to get 'refired', never grow old mentally and spiritually and never become irrelevant. Continue pouring out of myself to others this I believe is something that doesn't start at retirement it begins now by having a constant look outward to see how I can be helpful to the world around me and it doesn't ever stop. It is tough to write the end of the story when you are still living the first chapter.

Louise answered - okay that was a tad serious...heehee...I do agree with him. I know that we will do a lot of traveling in our lives not just retirement and I hope to be able to help my kids out in any area they need help, like babysitting the grand kids(yikers that seems strange). I pray continually that our family will have great relationships and that we will always remain close. Who knows what the future holds all I know is that it will be exciting and I can always rely on the verse Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you.....

Jody asked -
1)If you could surprise your spouse with one thing - money no object - what would it be?

Louise answered - Oh this one is easy for me I know immediately what I would do, I would hire and expert mountaineer to train my hubby and set up an expedition to Mt.Everest. This would take many years of training but this would be the best surprise I think I could ever give my husband. Would it be tough to let him go? Absolutely but I know that I would be training alongside him just to be able to go to Everest Base Camp and wait for him there until he returned, and he WOULD return because I would be praying my face off....

Conrad answered - This too is easy. Louise loves people and travel. I would take a year or more and travel around the world with her. At special places I would arrange for friends and family (and Regis Philbin - yes she loves Regis, I hope you are reading this Reeg) to be flown in to join us for awhile. Some of our stops would be 5 star, others would be "mission" fields. All of it an adventure. At least 1 mountain on each continent.

2)What's your best piece of advice for newlyweds?

Conrad answered - I will read this question seriously because the answer will change someone's life.
Marriage is two complete individuals coming together to share of themselves, not half a person looking for the other half to be complete. Your mate will never fulfill that void in you which EVERY person naturally has. Just look at people searching for themsleves, running to this cause and that one, defining who they are by things and accomplishments. When that doesn't work we turn to our mates to complete the task. Something inside us is searching. We are built to seek out our creator. Our spirit is looking for Daddy, Father GOD! Many people mistake that inner longing as a need to be filled by our earthly companion. We end up placing so much pressure on a relationship to fill a void it can never fill. Don't misunderstand me now and think I'm against marriage. No, marriage is so beautiful and powerful for so many reasons, but it's not our ultimate fulfillment. Our marriage grows stronger and more powerful in direct proportion to the time we spend as individuals growing in God. Yes time togther is essential but not above time with God. When you approach marriage in this way you approach each other with hearts full and overflowing instead of looking to the other person with selfish expectations. It's the selfish needs that creep in to destroy a marriage when the hunnymoon is over. We begin to see the things that we don't like and if we're not careful we will blame our mate for the lack of "happiness" in our lives. Yes there are real and difficult issues and needs. They don't just vanish in some spiritual cloud because we call ourselves a Christian. How we approach those needs is the difference maker. It will either be a selfish approach, me me me, she/he doesn't do this for me anymore etc. Or we can approach our needs with a thankfulness and love that has been planted in our hearts which seeks others first. God so loved the world that He gave. His first thought is to give. Not ask or demand. No, His first action before we ever make a move toward Him is to give out of His abundance. This is a choice we can all make for our marriages. If we first fill ourselves up to overflowing with God's love, we will be free to share with our spouse out of our abundance.

Lili asked -
If you could only chose one quality about your spouse, what is the one thing you love/respect/admire the most?

Louise answered - wow great question, we have grown so much in our relationship even in the past month and seen our share of difficulties in our marriage but through it all I see so much good in him, he loves God and has a great desire to serve God in all areas of his life, he has such a love and compassion for people always looking to help someone out, he is an amazing dad and takes time for his kids by doing what is important to them, he is an amazing provider and husband he shows me everyday how much he cares for me but MOST of all he strives honestly each and every day to become a better person, I love/respect and admire him so very much it is really hard to choose just one quality I hope my answer was sufficient :)

Conrad answered - Boobs!...............mmmmmm...... What? That's a quality. OK, she has a big capacity too love. She feels life intensely. She has a soft heart. Her joy is contagious. Of course all of this flows out of her because she fills herself up with God first. Did you ask me for just one? I still like the first ;)

Thank-you for taking the time to take a look into our life, I hope that this has helped for you to get to know us a bit better :)
Hugs to you all!!


Jody said...

Okay that was fun. Great answers guys!!! Yikes, how brave of you to take this on. Good job and what fun reading your answers! Looking forward to seeing you next week Louise - and looking forward to overhearing more Christmas carols on the piano Conrad!!! ;)

svea said...

you two are like your own talk show. I love it all! What fun reading your answers, I havenot been up on my blog gals the last few days, so I missed teh promting post, but I love your thoughts love the depth and humour. TWo special peeps that radiate joy and jesus.

Kathy and Carl said...

Louise, this is wonderful. An awesome way to get to know you! My heart was warmed, I was moved and inspired, and I had some good laughs. Thanks.

Wanda said...

Was this fun or what??? What a great idea you came up with questions, and now the answers.

Well, Conrad thanks for the lovely compliment on my watercolors, and you may have inspired a new set of cards......

Love and Hugs to a wonderful couple willing to share their lives.


jennifer said...

Love that you did this together. Love is grand!

Gaby said...

WOW! What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. My favorite was Conrad's advise and comments on marriage. Conrad is wise beyond his years...and so is his lovely wife! Thanks you two for showing me what a marriage should be based on and how to LOVE. You've made me set the bar high for my future husband...Conrad may have to have a talk with him. Love you guys and thanks for being you!

gloria said...

what a great idea Louise.

candypb said...

Conrad, You rock my world. lol.... Not just for the honest answers you gave(Very Honest. Boobs) You have been giving so much of your heart in the past while and I have just come to admire you and your strength. God Bless you!
Louise, Thank you for this post. It was something very different and intersting. I totaly agree with Conrad, Your love language has changed. And it's so funny that this came up because I was just thinking about it this last week. I love you so much and I love the person that God is molding in His hands. You are a Blessing to my life. Thanks for you honesty and talks, if it wasn't for some of thoughs talks I wouldn't be were I am today. (I think you know what I'm talking about) Thank you.
I love you both!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Heeheehee, she said "BOOBS!!" Too funny.

But what I REALLY want to know is, WHERE IS THIS INTRIGUING POST YOU PROMISED US???!!! It's now after Sunday!

Roo said...

loved this! i forgot to come back with my next questions....
:) i was gonna ask how you learnt about the birds and the bees.

this is so fun. maybe i'll do it too!

andrea said...

it sounds like you both work really well together. humor, love, God and adoration for each other screams volumes thru this 'interview'...lovely post! great way to get both views on topics!!(and even BOOBS!!!)... i just laughed...

all over the map said...

this was so amazing. i loved it and i came back to read it a second time. God is such an amazing force in marriage. you two are so special.

lil ole' me..... said...

Louise, I LOVED this post.
It definitely served its purpose.

And, how awesome of Conrad to take time to think about these questions and give his response.

I had a great time reading both of your responses and getting to know you a bit better!