Saturday, October 25, 2008

*** a line from an awesome song on the new Hillsongs CD

Picture taken this morning from my kitchen window.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Those of you who read my previous post the answer is.......
COFFEE....yum yum, my favorite and my morning staple.
I should really do a tribute to this drink but instead I leave this thought with you all......

Whose Idea was it to set up a WALK-IN clinic ONE DAY only for all women to come in and have a PAP test...yup you read that right......(a 'free' one, we live in Canada isn't it always free?) Oh I could go SO many different directions with this but all I gotta say is....isn't the build up to the ONCE a year appointment enough?!?! Yeah I know that only 49% of women actually get it done and I know it is important for cancer screening etc. etc. but somehow I can't see a huge line forming at that walk-in...maybe its just me..
MUST be a male who thought of that one............

and with that I say...
Good night to you all!!

p.s. to those of you looking for more info click HERE ,there now don't say I didn't do my part to "Tell Every Woman" ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WAY TO GOOD...not to share...

YUM YUM I have found a new favorite. These are melt in your mouth, super moist party-in-your-mouth muffins....mmmm

They are....

Banana Oatmeal Craisin Muffins

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1 cup mashed banana (approx 3)

3/4 cup honey

1 tsp Vanilla

1 1/2 cup flour

1 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp salt

1 cup oatmeal

3/4 cup craisins or raisins or dried cranberries

Bake at 375

I bake them for about 30 minutes depending on your oven

Put your favorite icing or not (for the healthier version) on top and enjoy!!!! YUM YUM even my kids love them!

One more thing...can you guess what this is??? hint : a staple for Louise

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday we took a few family pics in hopes of doing our own Christmas card. I took some pictures of each kid on their own, the boys did what they had to do and stood through a few pics each and then there was say she loves the camera is an understatement....she was doing all these different poses while I just kept on snapping, she never ran out of moves I just decided that I probably had enough pics....where is she learning this?! Okay I do a few funny/silly poses when I get in a 'mood' say dancing along to some good tunes but nothing like this...she makes me laugh, Conrad had this silly grin on his face and says to me...okay some of these are really cheesy...

Ah yes the Kezy we know and love.....Canada's Next Top Model?!?! (I don't know that I want to encourage that option!!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We wonder what they learn.....

Today as I was studying for my upcoming Bible school exam I mentioned something about gifts and Ezra and Keziah jumped into the conversation, here is how it went...

Ezra- I have a gift.

Louise- What is that?

Ezra - Music

Louise - What are we to use our gifts for?

Keziah - to honor God and Change the world !!

Ezra- yup all for God!!

Moments like this make my heart SING!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Choosing Thankfulness...

In the midst of stress and heartache thankfulness is a choice. It is so hard to see someone else in pain, hurting from circumstances around them and for me not to allow that hurt and pain into my life is hard for me, I see the hurt and I want to take it away, all the while knowing that I can't. As I spoke to a loved one who is hurting she said something so wise that has truly become very real to her in the past couple of months she said this 'I have decided not to let my circumstances affect my joy, and continue on praying for those that hurt me.' Even though the rage in me continues to boil over the hurt someone else is causing someone I care so deeply about I have to daily hand it over to God and allow Him to work in this circumstance.
So today I choose thankfulness......

1) thankful for three great kids who make me smile everyday

2) for an awesome hubby who shows me everyday how loved I am and provides so well for our family

3) for loving parents and in-laws who pray for our family and who overflow with love

4) for amazing friends who are always willing to share and listen

5) for a warm cozy house

6) for my dog who is the perfect example of unconditional love he is always so happy to see me even if I've only been gone 2 minutes

7) the list could go on for a long while so last but NOT LEAST I am thankful for my GOD who promises to NEVER leave me or forsake me, that no matter what the circumstance through Him I can choose to love and have complete joy!!

Have an awesome day my friends!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Costume Party Fun!!!

Erin celebrated her birthday with a costume party. Everyone managed to dress up and it was a good time, here are a few pics check out Erin's blog for the full rundown and the rest of the pics she'll want to show!!
I was also pretty pumped about meeting Nicole a fellow blogger at the party, it was neat to put a face to the blog and she was awesome and a lot of fun to hang out with!!
Thanks Erin for the great party!

(me and my friend Felicia)

( my friend Alecia and her hubby Paul dressed up as favorite of the night....classic)

The group of girls present.....good times!

Making God Smile
Reading 40 days of Purpose by Rick Warren has been wonderful, last night as I was about to doze off to bed I decided to pick up this book and read another chapter and it is exactly what I needed in that was all about our main purpose in life is to make God smile and to do everything for His glory, that means from the 'simple' things like getting up in the morning and making breakfast to the 'bigger' things like going to work, dealing with the kids and using our gifts, if it is all for His glory then that is the most important thing. This for me was such release because then it doesn't matter what other people around me do or say because what they do or say has no affect on how I can bring glory to God with my everyday life.

That being said I guess for me when I pull out my camera to take pictures of the world around me it is like I get lost in the lens for that moment and crave to capture what God has put there for me to enjoy, trying to in some way reflect to Him the goodness that He has shown to me.

Here are some pics I took last week as I went for a walk with my dog in a local park....(click for larger images)


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Seasons of Change....

How do you describe a movement of heart, a shift and a change of thinking in how you want to continue life?? I didn't blog for a bit because I did not know what to say, still don't but hey I'll wing it!!

The conference in St.Louis was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I got so much out of it. Throughout my devotional time alone these past few months I know it was a build up to what was coming and to what I was going to hear. God is so good, he knows how to prepare your heart for what you are going to hear so that when you hear it you are ready to receive it. I can say I walked away from there, blessed, challenged and ready to face my future knowing the unconditional love of God is there to guide and direct me. There were moments during the conference where I felt as though I was the only one in the building and somehow the speaker had gotten a secret email describing my life and was now preaching right to me......again amazing. Knowing that I have received direction I now need to take the steps and start moving into that direction, its easy to stand back and say...nah not now but I am choosing change as hard as it may be.

The music was unbelievable and each service I was able to enjoy it right in front of the stage in the 'mosh pit' although it didn't get 'moshy' with it being all women. It was wonderful to witness Darlene Zschech live in worship for those of you that know Hillsongs. It was awesome to be in a building with 18,000 women praising one God. There were moments when I was just quiet and listened to the singing and it was overwhelming, I can only imagine how God feels when He hears His people in worship.

Another highlight was meeting Creflo Dollar, an awesome preacher who really knows how to get the shout of AMEN out of you. He has this habit during his preaching, that I noticed while watching him on tv, where he calls his congregation to look up the scripture he is going to be referencing and then he says 'ready?. read' he did this at the conference and I got all giggly about it....oh yes the small moments in life that make you smile. He was signing his new book after his session and I waited in line and when I actually got to him I started babbling....yeah not one of my finer moments in life but here I was meeting someone I have always looked up to, I can only imagine what I would have been like if I had met Joyce...yeah yeah I know they are just people, but they are people who have impacted me with the teaching of God that has moved me to change, I am all over getting giddy around someone like that opposed to someone who is just "hot" Seriously could my smile BE any bigger?!

I was seriously blessed by this experience and definitely want to go again, although next year I will be sailing the Mediterranean so I can't make it to that particular conference....sigh...I know difficult life. I have many nuggets stored up inside me and loving the revelation they are bringing to my life and tonight I head to Bible school for some more good teaching and then our own church conference with awesome speakers at the end of the month. God is SO good and I can't wait to see what He is going to do in my life and those around me.