Thursday, September 25, 2008


7 years ago my third baby was born into this world,
she came kicking and screaming with a sparkle in her eyes and letting her voice be heard,
not much has changed...this child will leave her mark on this world,
she will change her world,
with a heart of gold,
a smile that lights up the room,
one cannot help but be intrigued by this firecracker,
to us she is
Keziah Shauntelle Louise aka Kezewawa, Kezy, Tootsie, Kez, Stinker, Girlie Wirlie and Sunshine,

my girl after two boys,
we love her so incredibly much,
and today we wish her a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We love you Girlie!!
Hope you have an awesome day!

Love, Mom, Dad, Noah and Ez


ValleyGirl said...

That's such an incredible picture of her!! I love it! Hope y'all have a great happy birthday day!

Kathy and Carl said...

What a great post about Keziah. We wish her a happy happy birthday and blessings in the coming year!

p.s. the picture and subject is gorgeous!

andrea said...

she is beautiful...and she gets that honestly! i vaguely remember when she was as young as Jessica now and she was chasing Ryan all over the yard at A & R's farewell! She was so adorable. has that been 5 years already? enjoy her special day!

Louise said...

Andrea- oh yeah I totally remember that too, has it really been that long ago?! man time flies!! crazy!
again thanks for the generous comment, you truly are SO sweet!!

Becky said...

what a stunning picture!

Matilda said...

Happy birthday Keziah! You are beautiful. Gorgeous picture!

Gaby said...

That's so beautiful. And so is she...just like her mom!

Roo said...

she is beautiful. happy birthday!

Jolene said...

What a beautiful girl. Even her pictures are just brimming with personality.

Rose said...

Happy Birthday Kezzie! We hope you have a great birthday sweetheart and many more healthy, happy ones!We look forward to seeing you on Sunday Girlie!!!

Denise said...

That is a STUNNING picture. I know a little about photography myself, and can I just say, WELL DONE!!! :o)

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes I've passed them on to Kez and she is thrilled!
Hugs to you all have a great day!L

lil ole' me..... said...

What a sweet post and a beautiful picture of her!!!

Hope she had a wonderful bday!