Friday, September 12, 2008

My Little Mozart....(well not quite but cool none the less)

The other day I was singing a Christmas Carol (yeah I know crazy, can't help it with fall coming and all... I love Christmas) anyway I was in my living room with my kids singing then I walked down the hallway to my bedroom when I heard the piano and stopped dead in my tracks turned to Conrad and said " am I hearing what I think I am hearing???" he looks at me and smiles his coy little smile "yup and he started with the exact note that you were singing"......Ezra who is 8 had sat down at the piano and was playing the Christmas carol I was singing ,which he had never played before, and started with THE NOTE I had started with....nuts! He definitely gets that gifting from his father(I don't have a clue how to read music or play any sort of instrument), Conrad played piano for the local professional ballet company for many years before he went into sales, we still get to hear him on occasion, not too often as he is busy with life. It is now so precious to hear all my kids playing piano, they are all taking lessons.
Since that moment the other day we have now also enrolled Ezra in guitar which he picked up one day and learnt a few tunes on his own....he is a natural musically and we want to offer him any opportunity we can in that area.

So yesterday I had a conversation with him went something like this..

Me- " You know Ezra, you have been given a gift of music and it is your responsibility to use it the best way you can, practise, learn and grow and allow God to work through you."

Ezra -" Yeah Mom, I love to play guitar and piano and know what else mom? I love to sing."

Me -'Really? do you want voice lessons too?'

Ezra- " Oh no way THAT would be embarrassing"

I guess that was going a bit far....


PamJ said...

Wow that is awesome!
lol embarassing... too funny. Somethings are borderline aren't they?

Andrea said...

Awww...what a great gift he has. So neat -- and very impressive! I hope he keeps up with it. And I love what you said to him about it being his responsibility to use this gift the best way that he can. You're a good mama.

Gaby said...

WOW!!! It's so cool when our kids surprise us in such a beautiful way. That's awesome...maybe I'll get Ez to play at my wedding instead of Conrad, LOL (if that day will ever come).

andrea said...

ok, didn't you mention the other day about our kids and their full potential...sounds like you have an exceptional family! and you are a fabulous mother

candypb said...

best mom of the year award!!! way to figure out your kids. i can't figure out Jades thoughts, never mind his gifts. Maybe you can give me some input on my life and Jaddens future. I might not be seeing it.

Kathy and Carl said...

How awesome is that! Your son has a gift, a wonderful gift, and instead of lessons so he can be rich and famous, he's encouraged to use it to glorify God. Wow! Well, whatever lessons he takes, it'll definitely be a blessing.

Louise said...

Pam- yeah definitely

Andrea- yup hoping he keeps up with it too!! Thanks ;)

Gaby- I'll book him now for your wedding to Mr.SugarDaddy!! LOL

andrea- you are TOO sweet!! Thanks for the incredibly kind words!

Candy- you are an AMAZING mom and you are doing so awesome with Jade he is a very responsible young dude! LOVE YOU BOTH MUCH!!

Kathy- yeah hoping that where ever he may go he will use all his gifts and abilities to praise God!!Thanks for your thoughtful words!