Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can this really be called 'work'?

Well my training is well under way and today I will finish up my program to achieve 'elite' status on all future Princess cruises as well as a free cruise for finishing their program.....its been a lot of work but I have learnt a lot and feel confident to move forward in selling Princess product.

As well yesterday myself along with another agent who happens to be my friend Lisa decided we will be hosting a group to cruise through the Mediterranean on the ALL NEW Carnival DREAM next fall, the sail date is September 21st, 2009 from Rome, it is a 12 day cruise with various stops in Italy, Spain, Croatia and Monaco, if you or anyone else you know would be interested in this let me know....I'd be happy to have you on the cruise with us!! Here is a link to my website with all the info.... 'Mediterranean Dream'

This is all so new and exciting, I am getting into the groove of things structuring my day differently as to fit in more 'work time '. Through all this my family has been SO super supportive I am SO blessed to have an amazing husband who is so excited for my new adventures and encourages me to pursue my passions. I am excited about the things to come. The kids are adjusting as well and they are excited for 'future' travel Conrad said in his ever-wise fashion 'I have a feeling that all the profits you make will go directly back into travelling the globe.'.....wise, wise man!!

Have a blessed day all!!


candypb said...

Sounds like that would be a trip of a life time. Very cool. Can't wait for our drive tomorow.
Love ya

Wanda said..., my dear this cannot be called work. ((smile))

You deserve this kind of life...

Denise said...

WOW! A cruse through the Mediterranean?. MY DREAM.

BTW, you quote on your absolute favorite of all time!!

God Bless!

Louise said...

Candy- yeah you should come ;) looking forward to seeing you too!

Wanda-you are so special, thanks for the generous compliment!! HUGS

Denise- yeah the Med. is gorgeous looking forward to it!! come along and live the dream!!! that would be awesome :)
Yeah isn't that quote amazing and so true! love it too.

andrea said...

goodness that sounds so dreamy! how fun to be able to do what you love and make money too! and the profits of this going back to travelling only makes sense! i am so excited for you! and you are doing such a great job the actual work, balancing life, school, photography...but is there anything you can't do well? just gotta ask....have a great day!!!

Louise said...

andrea- oh yes you know all those domestic things like cleaning, laundry etc....yeah don't ask :0 !! LOL

Rose said...

Oh that sounds so dreamy, especially when you've never done such an exotic trip!!! I look forward to hearing more about it at Kezzy's birthday party, and next year at that time I will not be prego so maybe hmmm...I 'll keep dreaming and you can work on Norm okay???
love you sister!

Roo said...

no! way!