Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh how I love road trips, the long highway stretched out before us full of anticipation and excitement, not knowing what adventure will be around the next bend.......
Tomorrow in the wee hours I head out on a road trip with three girlfriends to St.Louis, MO for a woman's conference. I am so excited to be in the presence of 20,000 woman worshipping our Saviour, with Darlene Zschech and the Hillsongs Band leading praise and is going to be a spine-tingling, hair- raising event. I am so excited to see what God is going to do not only in my personal walk with him but for those around me.....
SO I bid you all farewell till next week, and if you have a moment please pray for protection and safety as we drive 16hours tomorrow and travel throughout the week..... my family and I thank-you!!

Hugs to you all!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wordless Saturday...(yeah I know its meant for Wednesday, but
Kezy and her friends at her 7th birthday party!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You know not to post when.....

1) the frustration you feel might come off as extreme selfishness
2) it would do nothing to solve the problem
3) it would just add fuel to a fire that shouldn't be burning
4) you know everyone would try to figure out who you are talking about and they may just figure it out making all run-in situations slightly, if not intensely awkward

SO .......
-choosing to remain silent may be the best thing,
-choosing to love no matter what the circumstance or "feeling" may be the right thing,
-choosing silence over verbal diarrhea probably truly best......

So tell me then, why is doing the right thing sometimes so hard?! ah yes isn't there that saying somewhere that goes something like this "Speak in anger and it'll be the best speech you'll ever regret!!" So then it is DONE...I choose silence!!

DISCLAIMER: for all of you trying to figure this out don't bother you are all on the wrong track....remember I chose not to post about it ;)

7 years ago my third baby was born into this world,
she came kicking and screaming with a sparkle in her eyes and letting her voice be heard,
not much has changed...this child will leave her mark on this world,
she will change her world,
with a heart of gold,
a smile that lights up the room,
one cannot help but be intrigued by this firecracker,
to us she is
Keziah Shauntelle Louise aka Kezewawa, Kezy, Tootsie, Kez, Stinker, Girlie Wirlie and Sunshine,

my girl after two boys,
we love her so incredibly much,
and today we wish her a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We love you Girlie!!
Hope you have an awesome day!

Love, Mom, Dad, Noah and Ez

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can this really be called 'work'?

Well my training is well under way and today I will finish up my program to achieve 'elite' status on all future Princess cruises as well as a free cruise for finishing their program.....its been a lot of work but I have learnt a lot and feel confident to move forward in selling Princess product.

As well yesterday myself along with another agent who happens to be my friend Lisa decided we will be hosting a group to cruise through the Mediterranean on the ALL NEW Carnival DREAM next fall, the sail date is September 21st, 2009 from Rome, it is a 12 day cruise with various stops in Italy, Spain, Croatia and Monaco, if you or anyone else you know would be interested in this let me know....I'd be happy to have you on the cruise with us!! Here is a link to my website with all the info.... 'Mediterranean Dream'

This is all so new and exciting, I am getting into the groove of things structuring my day differently as to fit in more 'work time '. Through all this my family has been SO super supportive I am SO blessed to have an amazing husband who is so excited for my new adventures and encourages me to pursue my passions. I am excited about the things to come. The kids are adjusting as well and they are excited for 'future' travel Conrad said in his ever-wise fashion 'I have a feeling that all the profits you make will go directly back into travelling the globe.'.....wise, wise man!!

Have a blessed day all!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life in Busy mode....

....Does busy mean productive though?! hmmm

Well my life lately has consisted of...

-doing 4 sessions of family photos for friends, another 2 this weekend...crazy how I got into this, all started with one and now the word has gotten out and this is a tad nauseating for me, I get nervous every time no matter what close relationship I have with them, I feel the need to give them the very best I can do. At the same time I am honored that they want me to do the pictures for them and thankful for the are a few from my last weekend..

(click for larger images)

-training, training and more training I forgot that it was actually possible to be physically tired from mental stretching...crazy! I am doing most of it online and since my computer RANDOMLY shuts down and this causes me to have a raging desire to toss it as far away from me as possible. That of course can't be healthy so I ordered myself a shiny new pink laptop on its way from Dell..yeah can't wait, that means no more staying up till 2am on my hubbies laptop just so I can get more done than restarting my computer..sigh..early Christmas for me!!

- Bible School is going well too, I have really been enjoying all that I am learning there, it is sure expanding my knowledge, and I am supposed to be memorizing 50 verses, well 2 down - 48 to Most of all I have enjoyed the time this has allowed me to spend with my sis- in law Candy we have had some amazing chats on the ride in and our relationship just gets closer and closer I am so blessed to have that chicka in my life

-and of course my family, back into the full swing of things for the fall, Noah in piano and TaeKwondo, Ezra in piano and guitar and Keziah in piano and Hip Hop, my thing is that they have to do music and can only do one extra thing on top of that, otherwise life gets way to crazy and I love my family time. Conrad has been home for a few weeks now, not sure when his next road trip is but I sure love to have him around.

This is my favorite time of year, the fresh smelling air, the colors changing and the gorgeous morning sunrises....I know winter is around the corner but I can't help but feel refreshed in fall!

What about you, what is this season all about for you??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Monday, September 15, 2008

Walk Beside Me a While....

Today as my daughter Keziah and I were walking back from Noah's TaeKwondo practise I noticed that we were in perfect step with each other and besides the fact that I was amazed that she was using the same number of steps I was, I was amazed that she TOO did not step on any cracks in the side walk. So I asked "hey we are walking the same way and never stepping on a crack" she says" yeah those things drive me nuts" and I chuckled to myself and said " me too girlie, me too" and here I thought I was the only one with slightly OCD tendencies in our family.

Well this got me to thinking about how much more smoothly my life runs when I am in the Word everyday, communing with the one who created me. He knows all my quirks and He knows what will work for me and what won't. He knows the best way to help me communicate with my kids and show me ways to reach the heart of my children. Life having God walk beside me is so much easier than being alone on the walk....and He urges me forward into areas of my life that are out of my comfort zone but I know that as long as I have Him walking beside me I'll be okay....just like my girlie feels safe and secure being in step with me, I feel secure knowing that I've got someone to walk beside me every single step of the way no matter what the circumstance!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

If you got a moment....this is amazing!!
I am adding this to my wish list!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Little Mozart....(well not quite but cool none the less)

The other day I was singing a Christmas Carol (yeah I know crazy, can't help it with fall coming and all... I love Christmas) anyway I was in my living room with my kids singing then I walked down the hallway to my bedroom when I heard the piano and stopped dead in my tracks turned to Conrad and said " am I hearing what I think I am hearing???" he looks at me and smiles his coy little smile "yup and he started with the exact note that you were singing"......Ezra who is 8 had sat down at the piano and was playing the Christmas carol I was singing ,which he had never played before, and started with THE NOTE I had started with....nuts! He definitely gets that gifting from his father(I don't have a clue how to read music or play any sort of instrument), Conrad played piano for the local professional ballet company for many years before he went into sales, we still get to hear him on occasion, not too often as he is busy with life. It is now so precious to hear all my kids playing piano, they are all taking lessons.
Since that moment the other day we have now also enrolled Ezra in guitar which he picked up one day and learnt a few tunes on his own....he is a natural musically and we want to offer him any opportunity we can in that area.

So yesterday I had a conversation with him went something like this..

Me- " You know Ezra, you have been given a gift of music and it is your responsibility to use it the best way you can, practise, learn and grow and allow God to work through you."

Ezra -" Yeah Mom, I love to play guitar and piano and know what else mom? I love to sing."

Me -'Really? do you want voice lessons too?'

Ezra- " Oh no way THAT would be embarrassing"

I guess that was going a bit far....

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love to read and most of the time it is some sort of murder mystery, espionage or chicky-like book that I am reading. I also have a steady stream of 'self-help' books that I read, I read these to improve my marriage, my life in general and of course my parenting.

Well it seems lately it has been more of a 'self-hurt' book that I am reading than a help so far, last night as I was reading this bookI kept on exhaling loudly and Conrad finally says 'Louise relax, you are fine.' I turn over and I say' I don't know that I am, according to this book I am not doing enough to teach our kids.' ...well this continued into a long conversation between us on what we are responsible for as parents and that eventually our kids have to put effort into it as well. But I can't help to think that if I was doing more, the kids would 'turn' out for sure. I guess there is only so much 'doing' that I can do, I know that I am not meant to do this on my own strength even though I try all the time. I think it is every parents desire that their children turn out to be well balanced, productive adults who love and respect others and this is something that we are responsible to teach....I know that I am only human and that I can't possibly teach my kids all that there is to know about life and that is where trust comes in, trusting that what I have forgotten or missed the Lord will bring someone into their life to teach them.
This parenting thing can be overwhelming and even though I feel like hurling that book across the room at times I will continue reading it because I know that there are things in there that I can definitely learn so for now it may be causing me some hurt I will wait it out till it becomes a help in my life and that of my kids!!
That all being said it IS a great book and a great read for those raising kids!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It is Official...Secret Agent here I come..(.oh who am I kidding those are my strange dreams...try that again)...Travel Agent here I come....

I have a website to prove it..shameful advertising I know...(click here to see it)
The city office doesn't open its doors till November 1st but till then I am able to do any booking online..oh the wonders of technology. It is a FULL service travel agency which means any sort of trip can be booked even though the name of the business is CruiseShip Centers Canada.

I went to college many moons ago for my Travel Agent certificate and since then I have become a full-time stay at home mom of three, so I am dusting off all the cobwebs in my brain that pertain to travel and trying to equip myself the best I can so I can do a great job at helping others plan their vacations.

I am
nervous, excited and I have a bit, well a lot, of brain fog..I am doing the training and sitting in on meetings and meeting the office team next week. I have a lot of learning to do and some of it down the road a bit will be 'on site' training in actual vacation destination locations which I mean how can that be a bad thing right?! other than that I will learn by working through my online training and dealing with actual customers.....yikers this is the real deal!!!!

No turning back now, I gotta make a go at this and do my best, I hope to be travel agent
extraordinaire, travel agent to the stars.....ah yeah carried away again...heck I just hope to do a good job at being myself selling a whole lotta trips and hopefully enjoying some trips with my family and friends along the way too.

To end this lovely post,
where have you always dreamed of going?? and NO I will not hound you and hunt you down and make you book with me...I don't roll like that...

For me someday I want to see the Maldives ..just me and my honey in a beach cabana.....enjoying a honeymoon that we never really got!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well officially the craziness of fall has started, something I looked SO forward to is finally here and it is somewhat daunting. Not only am I starting a new job which requires a lot of online training and courses but I am also doing Bible School which is a two year course, 5 semesters, one evening a week for three hours which also has tests and exams which I haven't done in umpteen years and I am doing a ladies Bible study which also has homework and the kids are starting their fall schedule of sports and music and well it is all happening at once.....AND of course there is my social life that has to be kept up...sigh..where will I find all the! Conrad in his infinite wisdom( heehee, no seriously this guy is pretty darn smart)said something very interesting to me while I was talking about this, he said ' Why are you getting stressed out when you are pursuing two things you are really passionate about: God and travel.' hmm interesting way to think about it...I never looked at it like that. I am know blessed to have all these opportunities and through all the tests, exams and courses I will do my best and hope for great results!!

This weekend I got to do a photo session for a friend of mine and since my comfort level is only doing pics for my family I was really nervous, I do not confess to be a professional photographer by any means especially when looking at other people's work...but that insecurity is a whole other post...thought I'd post a few of my pics from the session since I took over 300( CRAZY) here is a very small glimpse.....

(click on images for a larger view)

Oh and I chopped my hair again..ah yes the never ending saga of my hair....

Have a great week everyone and if you don't hear from me I am either slumped over the computer training for my upcoming travel venture, doing my homework for school, driving the kids around or hopefully catching up on my social life...I'll keep in touch!

Thanks everyone for your kind words of love and
encouragement on my previous posts!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


One thing I discovered about myself this summer is I crave routine, well actually mostly the morning and bedtime routine..... I guess I know that my family life flows better when there is some form of routine.
So I thought I'd clue you into my
morning routine..oh I know exciting goes...

6am - get up and exercise (you don't want a photo of that, trust me)
this pic was taken this morning from my window...
7am- have my coffee and do reading/devotions

7:30am - get my kids out of bed and prepare them for the day.......

8:30am -the kids are off to school.......

(nice water spot on your shirt Kez...guess I wasn't too with it that day ;) )
-click on pictures for larger images-

I guess this is where my spontaneity begins, do I clean? do laundry? go out with a friend? go for coffee(wow a lot of coffee in one day) or do I crawl back into bed?read? watch Regis and Kelly?go shopping?.... soon it will be off to work for at least three days a week, I am getting excited about that, being with adults for a full five hours and hopefully developing a successful little business?!

What is your morning routine??

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Opportunity Knocked....

Well I can hardly believe I am actually writing this but I am joining the workforce once again. I have an amazing opportunity to do something I love and I am excited about. Back when Noah was born 10 years ago I was a travel agent and that is what I will be doing again. I am joining a good friend who is managing a new office in our local city and she asked me to become a part of her team and with thought and prayer and discussions with my hubby and kids I have answered YES. It is a job that offers a lot of flexibility, setting my own hours which allows me to send the kids off to school and be home when they get home. As most of you know I have a passion for travel and this will allow me to pursue just that...I am excited, nervous and anticipating an exciting fall. I will be starting my training which can be done from home..yeah...and then starting in the office in November. I will have my own website, once it is up and running I will let you all know!!

The kids are off to school today, they left with excitement and anticipation which is so good to see. I am enjoying my first quiet morning with Regis and Kelly and a good cup of coffee...
Have a blessed day!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

A Weekend Worth Capturing

I have spent a lot of time this summer at the lake, enjoying our home away from home. The kids are more at peace there it seems. Walks along the pathways in between the bushes and water envelopes you with the fullness of nature and the beauty of God's creation. It seems that getting away can offer a lot of perspective and bring into view priorities. Sitting in my favorite spot with my favorite person and dreaming dreams and setting goals for the future, what could be better than that?!

This summer has been a tough one for me allowing the kids to grow and become all that they were intended to be while trying to mold and shape them. I spent some time by this tree thanking God for my children and asking also for creative ways in which I can parent them. Sometimes well actually most of the time I feel as though I am trying so hard and getting no where. I fail to realise that I was not intended to do this journey alone....

I have been SO incredibly blessed by the lives of three gorgeous children who bring so much joy to my life and even though times have been up and down I wouldn't trade my life for anything! 'Ours for only a while, God's forever.'

This weekend was spent with Conrad's family. Granna and Papa are hands on grandparents always looking for teachable moments and spending eons of time with the kids, never having grandparents myself that I got to spend a lot of time with I am so thankful that I have in-laws who do have such an influence on my children's lives. They are amazing people with a lot to offer my kids and I know someday they will look back on the memories with their grandparents and fe
el blessed!!

I spent a lot of time reading while the family went off fishing and I also got to spend time with my new little nephew Brennan. Noah and I had an interesting conversation today as I was spending some time with Brennan.

Noah- "Mom it would actually be kinda fun to have a baby in the house."
Me- "Really??" (thinking to myself not a chance kid.. been there done that)
Noah- "yeah I would like that although I don't know if I'd like all the whining but I guess I could get used to that."
Me- again "really, well think about it Noah if you had a brother or sister right now you would be 20 when he or she would be 10 you'd be out of the house..."
Noah- cut me off saying "I'm not going to be out of the house at 20..."
Me - a pattern here I think "REALLY? well what about 30, at LEAST by 30 right?"
Noah- " yeah I think I could do 30 I should be married for a while by then..."
Me- " yup the right time, the right woman and you'll be gone"
Noah - he just looks up at me and smiles
Me - thinking to myself oh boy that will happen WAY too soon, I'll just cherish this moment right here and also thank God that he forgot he wanted a baby sibling...whew....

So a great weekend with a wonderful family...after 310 pictures this weekend those are just a few, I feel refreshed and ready to start this fall and only 2 more sleeps till school starts but who said I was counting?!

*** for those of you who know me via facebook I will post some more pics th