Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peace, Trust and Rest

My hubby is with me at the lake peacefully sleeping right at this moment, he was able to climb 5 mountains in total and has many pictures to share, I will be posting some here at some point. He had a fabulous week, some exciting moments, some stressful but mostly pure blissful mountain top exhilarating moments seeing the world from above. I am so thankful that he is safe and that he was protected during this trip. He is already dreaming of the next one and wanting me to join him (yeah that may take a miracle!!!)

Noah's appointment went well I also have a few pictures of him during his EEG on my dinky camera and since I forgot to take the cord with me to the lake I will have to wait to post those till tomorrow. The test as far as I know went well, they had him sleep for most of it and I will not have the results of that test until on or around the 26th, I am still praying that the results will be good.

Life seems to take a whole lot of trust, moments and situations that are so out of my control that I have to just trust and believe that God has it all taken care of. Some people ask me how I could send Conrad away on climbing adventures even though there have been times of trouble and my response to that is, why would I keep him from what he loves to do? and God does a way better job at taking care of him than I do so I just pray and choose to trust and believe that things will turn out good in the end...and so far so good!!

The 'rest' part doesn't come so easy to me, I don't realise that I am stressed out until I am up in the pounds department, leaning on food to give me comfort during times when things are out of my control. This summer has taken a toll on me that I am not proud of, I know that God wants me to rely on Him for rest and comfort and not in the food.....why is this so hard?! It seems that I have tried and failed more times than I can count and this leads to incredible frustration and more fear of failure at some point I hope to get my act together and move on from this once and for all!!...... 'I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!!!"


Gaby said...

Wow! I am glad Conrad made it home safe and sound. I will continue to pray for Noah's test results, and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT...we CAN do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me. Thanks goodness He knows how much we can bear and that He wants only what is good for us. I love you, Louise!

Rose said...

Hey Louise I'm so excited I'm the first to leave a comment! I've been ignoring the computer again not you so I'm reading your last 3 posts, wow you have had a full week. So thankful Noahs appointment went well and we'll continue to pray for the outcome to be good.
You are so right about God being in control and that you just need to trust, but like you said it's not easy and I will continue to pray for you even though Conrad's home now. I love you and know that I always will! Well now I'm not the first with my many words, shucks!

Debbie said...

Faith is a powerful thing. Without it I think there would be no hope. Having Faith in God is so important, relying on him in times of need. We go through trials in life to make us stronger. Stay strong, pray always and continue to trust yourself and the Lord. I will pray for you my blogger friend.

gloria said...

i am glad he's home. i am glad he's safe.

andrea said...

now, your life has been quite an adventure, not just your hubby's!!! happy to hear that he is home 'safe and sound'. I just love having help with the kids; don't guys just have a way of calming us women...
wow! i thought the last paragragh you wrote was about me! It's leap of faith was tossing out 'Jack' to the curb and relying on God for help. That was huge in my life, and the peace that came with it was amazing!
1peter 5.7
hugs and prayers as you get thru this stressful time

lil ole' me..... said...

When I read this post, I had to have my hubby come over and look at some of your past posts on Conrad's adventures. (My hubby would LOVE to be able to do more climbing!) Scares me to death and he hasn't done anything quite as dangerous as what your husband has.
After reading your post though, gives me a different outlook. I do have to just hand over Keith's safety to God.

I'm sure our husbands would get along famously!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the Best, Im so proud of you!Keep looking up! greater thing,s to comme! love and prayer,s!

Kathy and Carl said...

It's hard to trust sometimes when things are so overwhelming and we want to take charge. I will pray that you can rely on Him, rest, and rely on His strength.