Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Story in Pictures

A Piece of My Opa....

He Lived Here

Loved sitting on this tree

This is where his home was. The foundation is still there as it was when it was first built.

Was this once his tree house?

This is his son sitting where he once sat.

Did he ever dream of this; That one day his great grand kids would sit in the same spot he did.

This is where the foundation of my family started, where my Opa dreamed of having a family of his own, where he played, where he worked, where he grew up watching the same sunsets we can see, enduring the same winters without all the luxuries of hundred years of history right here on this spot, it is sacred ground. At the young age of 17 he moved to South America and got married and had 7 girls and 2 boys, lived on a farm.
My Opa lost his wife when my dad was only six and lived out his remaining days a very quiet, lonely man, he came to visit only once when I was very little and my parents brought him back to this place, as he stood there I wonder what did
he see, what did he remember, what did he want to re-live, what did he miss, what did he want to forget..... He is gone now I never really knew him, the times I did meet him he was quiet. If he was here I would say; Thank you for raising an incredible man of integrity, a man who is humble and gentle, a man who makes me laugh, a man who always thinks of others, a man I call my dad.

Bless you Opa I am looking forward to hearing all about this place when we meet again!!


Wanda said...

What a beautiful place to begin a dream...

Love everyone sitting on the tree.

Really cool pictures Louise.

How are you enjoying your new summer do??

it's a gong show... said...

great post louise!

what a time of storytelling we'll have when we meet our ancestors again. i'm hoping to sit with mine for hours with the most delicious cup of coffee i've ever tasted and just absorb it all! there will be coffee in heaven right?! :)

Rose said...

Awesome pictures Louise and once again a very beautiful post. Thanks for the very thoughtful things you do and say, I know Dad appreciates it and I'm sure so would his Father. Love you Girl!

Gaby said...

A Legacy is the most important thing we leave behind. Your Opa has left behind a legacy that your Dad has taken to heart and passed on to his children. It's a wonderful story!