Friday, July 25, 2008

Heart Stopping Moments.
Not the kind of moments that I enjoy especially when they come in the form of
danger to someone that I love. Only now have I been able to think on this
without my hands quivering and knees getting weak.....yesterday this was what I
saw, my 6(almost7) year old screaming my name in the water where she is fiercely attempting to keep her head above the water. I had literally turned my back for one minute playing in the water with Ezra while Kez and Noah drifted in the tube they were on and tipped where Kez couldn't touch...I heard her screaming "MOM" and turned to barely see her face above the water. Then running through the water to her seemed an awful lot like running through molasses, S L O W M O T I O N .....I got to her just before she went under and scooped her up in my arms and squeezed her so tight. As she was curled up in my arms she muttered bottom lip shivering ' I..I...I aaallmmooosst drowned mommy'. With tears in both our eyes and my heart beating a million beats a second I just hugged and kissed her and thanked God for protection and the fact that I happened to be in the water close by. No matter what a natural she is in the water all it took was a moment where she was caught off guard to change it all......thank the Lord for happy endings.....sigh....okay I can breathe now!!
Tomorrow we'll be heading home from an otherwise awesome week at the lake, I'll post some pics when I get there. Have a safe and happy weekend!!!


andrea said...

I'm so sorry that you had such a traumatic experience today. Oh, wow, the nerves and fears that run through your head when panic strikes. But how fabulous it is to have our Father and His much to be thankful for and another reason to treasure and hold her even closer.

candypb said...

Wow, I know how Kezy feels. It happened to me when I was a little girl. I have feared the water ever since. So amazing how you were right there to scoop her up.
I love you and miss you like crazy.

Wanda said...

Oh how scary for both of you. It only takes a second sometimes and that is scary too.

So glad you were right there and able to scoop her up in your warm and loving mommy arms.

I would be shaking too... I had a scary experience yesterday that left me in a panic mode....will share that in a post in a few days.

Love and Hugs

Andrea said...

THANK GOD for His protection. What a frightening experience. My heart would still be pounding.

Matilda said...

Praise the Lord that he protected Keziah. What a scare!

Erin said...

Oh, what an awful moment! I'm so glad that everything turned out okay and that God has His hand of protection over our children! (((hugs)))

Roo said...

wow. praise God that you were close. bless your mommy heart.

Melissa~ said...

Oh that is a terrible feeling for a mama. Thank God for His angels! I pray Psalm 91 over my family everyday and this story makes me want to go wake them up and pray right now! *LOL*

Glad she is ok.

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

Debbie said...

Wow! How scary. So grateful that you were close by. I remember having close calls with my daughter in the water. Your heart just stops. I'm glad that there was a happy ending.

Leesh said...

okay, that one got me choked!!! Praise the Lord for His protection and you standing close by. Sheesh. Kiss that girl for me!!

lil ole' me..... said...

Praise God you were there!!!

Roo said...

this happaned to me today with my 2 year old. she went under water and all i saw was her hands waving in the air. my heart still stops when i think about it.

thank God. thank God. thank God.

(i had to come re read about your experience to give my heart some comfort)