Saturday, July 05, 2008


It is crazy how time flies, 10 years already gone by, you will now enter double digits and be there for the rest of your life, in the next 10 years life is going to change so much, growing from a boy into a man, I pray that you will always follow the voice of God, be good to others and follow your dreams where ever they take you!! You are incredibly special, don't ever forget that!!!
We Love you BIG HUGE much! Hope you have a great day!!!

Big huge hugs!

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it's a gong show... said...

isn't it sickening how fast they grow up?

happy birthday noah!

Carl & Kathy said...

Ten And it probably seems like yesterday he was in diapers. Well, hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday. Double digits - too cool.

He's a cutie pie.

candypb said...

Sorry it took so long to wish you a happy birthday Noah. Jade's right behind you. How crazy is that....