Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you ever wonder?

As a mom do you ever wonder if all the hard work you are putting into your child will be worth it, days when you are pulling out your hair you tell yourself that they will be wonderful adults who have it all together just to get yourself through the day.

I think every now and again God gives us a glimpse of our hard work through our kids for me that was the other day. Conrad and I decided to take the kids out to breakfast and after we finished up Conrad and Keziah headed out to the truck and I was waiting in line to pay for my bill when I witnessed the most beautiful thing my two boys on their own without any suggestion from me saw an elderly couple walking towards the door so my boys each took a door and held it open for this couple, even the old man was surprised and patted each boy on the head and said a big that moment I had tears in my eyes and said quietly to myself 'thank you God for that moment' and then I proceeded to the truck and praised the boys to no end about what a wonderful thing they did and how proud I was of them for thinking of that....sigh.....The simple things that mean SO much. I will remember that moment the next time I am insanely frustrated by them.

Thank you God for giving us glimpses of hope on this journey of motherhood!!


candypb said...

It is such a blessing to see that our children are using what they have been tought. I love you chic... You are a great mom.

Wanda said...

My sweet Louise ~~ How I remember the days way back when ~~ my four were small and I was pulling my hair out....I wondered the same will they turn out!

And just as you have seen evidence of your loving guidence in their lives ~~ you will see it over and over again.

There is an old hymn I loved called
"It will be Worth it All"
Love and Hugs to a sweet and dear mother named Louise.

it's a gong show... said...

let's pray He gives me one of those moments sooner rather than later ...sigh...

Carl & Kathy said...

Praise God for those moments, and Praise God for you sharing yours. With three little ones that can be so exhausting, it's such an encouragement. Thanks.