Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Safety in Numbers......

Or so 'they' say and clearly my daughter agrees with that statement. This is her routine at night, she gathers her favorite friends around her and lines them up and puts her neck pillow on snuggles under her blanket and asks for her bedtime prayers and only then is she able to feel safe and shut her eyes to a peaceful sleep.

Isn't it funny that we all have something that helps us feel safe and secure in our environment and in ourselves, for some of us it may be safety in numbers and never really sticking out in a crowd for others it is, our house, our job,our finances,our friends and our family and maybe all of the above.

I love watching my kids to see what they picture as safety and security. I pray that with each passing day they learn to depend more on God for their security and self worth and then they will feel peace where ever they go.

I far to often fail and leave God out of my everyday life and try to do everything on my own and then I end up frustrated and frazzled, I need to remind myself that nothing will make me feel safe and secure and PEACEFUL until I include Him in my everyday routine~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I would like to introduce you to.....

This guy...oh don't let that little grin fool you he is far from Mr.Innocent. He is my most challenging kid to raise and everyday I pray that it will all be worth it. Today was a not a good day with "Mr. Not-So-Innocent" SO I have to reflect on moments that have made me laugh just so that I don't drive myself I thought I'd share one with you.....

This is the site I saw just the other day, I happened to walk into the bathroom at the cottage and since there was only one bathroom for 10 people I wanted to use it while my son was using the shower(I know.TMI) okay so he is in the shower COMPLETELY wet and just about to wash his hair when he steps out of the shower and walks across the floor dripping wet to the sink...."um Ezra, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I say trying to remain calm as I see the puddles all over the floor.
He looks at me while he is washing his hands with soap and water and says with a bit of disgust " Mom I went pee and forgot to wash my hands..DUH".....uhhh it just me or is that just slightly wacky....I got a good laugh out of it anyway and wiped up the puddles, smiling.

Like my father in law so politely put it 'he was built differently than the rest of us'. AMEN to that!~~

Oh yes my Ezra...even though there are moments when I just don't know if I can take anymore you go and do something like that to make me smile.....sigh.....I need a few more of those moments on a day like today !!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Heart Stopping Moments.
Not the kind of moments that I enjoy especially when they come in the form of
danger to someone that I love. Only now have I been able to think on this
without my hands quivering and knees getting weak.....yesterday this was what I
saw, my 6(almost7) year old screaming my name in the water where she is fiercely attempting to keep her head above the water. I had literally turned my back for one minute playing in the water with Ezra while Kez and Noah drifted in the tube they were on and tipped where Kez couldn't touch...I heard her screaming "MOM" and turned to barely see her face above the water. Then running through the water to her seemed an awful lot like running through molasses, S L O W M O T I O N .....I got to her just before she went under and scooped her up in my arms and squeezed her so tight. As she was curled up in my arms she muttered bottom lip shivering ' I..I...I aaallmmooosst drowned mommy'. With tears in both our eyes and my heart beating a million beats a second I just hugged and kissed her and thanked God for protection and the fact that I happened to be in the water close by. No matter what a natural she is in the water all it took was a moment where she was caught off guard to change it all......thank the Lord for happy endings.....sigh....okay I can breathe now!!
Tomorrow we'll be heading home from an otherwise awesome week at the lake, I'll post some pics when I get there. Have a safe and happy weekend!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Movie Must See......MAMMA MIA
Here is a short clip

For those of you who love ABBA and know every word of all their tunes or for those of you who know only the classics or for those of you who don't know them at all MAMMA MIA is a must see for all musical lovers. Meryl Streep does and amazing job along with Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and new comer Amanda Seyfried. The music is awesome and you can't help but wanna get up and dance I didn't at the theatre but boy will I ever when I have it in my dvd library. There are moments that make you laugh OUTLOUD and there are moments where the tears come. I SO loved this film and encourage you all to go out and enjoy it!!
Have a great weekend!
I am off tomorrow to relax at the
beach for the week!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

True Story as told by a sweet 6 year old...

(click on picture to enlarge)
Tim Hortons
Mom, Dad, Noah, Ezra and Me likes Donuts. Coffee. Donuts. Coffee.
My Family likes Tims.
My name is Keziah.

I have two brothers.
I have a mom.
I have a dad and a dog.
My mom can't go anywhere without Tim.

Case in Point.......

(yesterday after church is never too early or too late for Tim)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One more for today....

Tonight it was just Keziah, Conrad and myself going out to our church for Summer Celebration it was full of bouncy things for the kids, magic shows, entertainment ,mini donuts and ax throwing...yikers(that one was adults .
We had a great time with our tootsie one of my friends so poignantly says it was a full of heart expanding moments.

WOW I can't believe it...

I did it I made my first batch of summer borscht ever from herbs from my little garden and it actually tastes really good. You see the reason I am so surprised is because growing up I always felt I would never be as good of a cook/baker as my mom, my mom is known for her cooking skills. She can whip together a meal for 15 people in no time at all, (she has catered weddings for well over 200 people including my wedding), she always makes enough to feed an army and we always eat like it is truly our last supper, it is ALWAYS so darn good. This woman has got a gift and so whenever I make something remotely as good as her I have to pat myself on the back. Sad thing is I don't think my kids will remember me for my cooking or baking skills but they will remember me for my crazy dancing in the living room and maybe a belch or two(did Ireally say that??LOL)..ah yes the finer points of Louise!!! We've all got our gifts and abilities and I have been so blessed on numerous occasions by my mom and her desire to be the best at what she does, today I am thankful that my mom always took the time to cook fabulously for our family, you ROCK mom!!
What about you is there anything your mom did/does that was so amazing and you wished you could do??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gotta love it..

Yesterday the kids played really well together I was slightly surprised, yes there was still a bit of aruguing but that is normal right? They were creative, made up games to play outside and included everyone. For dinner I took the kids to my parents place and we passed by a canola field and I coudln't let the opportunity pass for some pictures, the kids all asked ' can we be in them too?'....twist my rubber arm.....LOL. We passed the same field on the way home and stopped again this time Ezra said no me and the other two took a few more.
Here are a few.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you ever wonder?

As a mom do you ever wonder if all the hard work you are putting into your child will be worth it, days when you are pulling out your hair you tell yourself that they will be wonderful adults who have it all together just to get yourself through the day.

I think every now and again God gives us a glimpse of our hard work through our kids for me that was the other day. Conrad and I decided to take the kids out to breakfast and after we finished up Conrad and Keziah headed out to the truck and I was waiting in line to pay for my bill when I witnessed the most beautiful thing my two boys on their own without any suggestion from me saw an elderly couple walking towards the door so my boys each took a door and held it open for this couple, even the old man was surprised and patted each boy on the head and said a big that moment I had tears in my eyes and said quietly to myself 'thank you God for that moment' and then I proceeded to the truck and praised the boys to no end about what a wonderful thing they did and how proud I was of them for thinking of that....sigh.....The simple things that mean SO much. I will remember that moment the next time I am insanely frustrated by them.

Thank you God for giving us glimpses of hope on this journey of motherhood!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This past week was spent camping (in a tent) with three other families they each had a camper, we spent time at the beach mostly and also chatting around the campfire...I love those moments most, it is amazing how campfire chats can become meaningful, almost healing moments between friends, I feel so blessed to have amazing friendships all around me.
We had an awesome time and hope this will become an annual event.
Here are a few of the hundreds of pics I

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer holidays....

Yes they officially started well over a week ago actually and I am truly amazed at how much my kids love to argue, well at least that is what it sounds like to me. To them it is a 'lively discussion' that sometimes turns mean and nasty and I need to step in. This can be insanely tiring mentally, sometimes I am in need of a mommy break and leave the room so that the arguing doesn't drive me crazy.

I know it is the ages and that they aren't that far apart in age and interested in many of the same things and with there being the three of them one of them is bound to get left out. Times like this I did my mom do it with four? how did she handle us arguing all the time? ( which I know we did) It is only the beginning of summer I am praying for grace in handling these situations and the knowledge of how to handle them properly without the mommy freak out mode setting in...sigh...

I have two nights off while my awesome in-laws have the kids. SO I will pack for camping, enjoy the silence and spend time
with God...and of course watch the bachlorette finale with a bunch of girlfriends...whoohoo.
This past weekend at my in-laws in the midst of the arguing there were moments of peace and I managed to capture some of them...enjoy!

Have a great week! I am off camping!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


It is crazy how time flies, 10 years already gone by, you will now enter double digits and be there for the rest of your life, in the next 10 years life is going to change so much, growing from a boy into a man, I pray that you will always follow the voice of God, be good to others and follow your dreams where ever they take you!! You are incredibly special, don't ever forget that!!!
We Love you BIG HUGE much! Hope you have a great day!!!

Big huge hugs!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Girls in the Field

Mom, Me, Candy and Rose

Some fun on our annual July long weekend of camping...silly pictures is a must!
It was a fabulous LONG weekend ended up being from Friday to Tuesday. There was alot of laughs Conrad and I always share a tent with Candy and Sheldon(same couple we went to Cuba with, my bro and his wonderful wife) so we tend to stay up late and have a few chuckles ,this time around it ended up being rolling laughter to the point of almost puking, yes gross I know, but incredibly funny, they say that laughter is the best medicine!!
I am sure I'll post more pics for those of you on facebook check out my profile for all the pics!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Story in Pictures

A Piece of My Opa....

He Lived Here

Loved sitting on this tree

This is where his home was. The foundation is still there as it was when it was first built.

Was this once his tree house?

This is his son sitting where he once sat.

Did he ever dream of this; That one day his great grand kids would sit in the same spot he did.

This is where the foundation of my family started, where my Opa dreamed of having a family of his own, where he played, where he worked, where he grew up watching the same sunsets we can see, enduring the same winters without all the luxuries of hundred years of history right here on this spot, it is sacred ground. At the young age of 17 he moved to South America and got married and had 7 girls and 2 boys, lived on a farm.
My Opa lost his wife when my dad was only six and lived out his remaining days a very quiet, lonely man, he came to visit only once when I was very little and my parents brought him back to this place, as he stood there I wonder what did
he see, what did he remember, what did he want to re-live, what did he miss, what did he want to forget..... He is gone now I never really knew him, the times I did meet him he was quiet. If he was here I would say; Thank you for raising an incredible man of integrity, a man who is humble and gentle, a man who makes me laugh, a man who always thinks of others, a man I call my dad.

Bless you Opa I am looking forward to hearing all about this place when we meet again!!