Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Men in my life!!

I have always felt loved by my Dad. This man has always been a quiet man and he always showed us love. Many times it was the way he tucked me in at night and kissed my cheek, or when he took the time to read me a bible story, or taught me how to ride my bike, or as I grew up the look of pride on his face when he was around his kids. He has always had a relationship with God and I knew this early on by finding his bible open every morning on the kitchen counter when I woke up and he was already gone for work, and how he spoke to us of the importance of God in our life and being obedient to him. I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful dad and example, he still brings so much joy to my life, I don't know of anyone else who can have a new story for every occasion and it is always funny...

I am also blessed to have a wonderful Father in law who loves his family deeply and takes so much time with my kids to help train them to become wonderful and successful adults, I appreciate his gentle confidence and his unconditional love of his family!! You have helped raise an awesome man that I am proud to call my husband!!

And of course there is my man Conrad. Love is most certainly a decision and not a feeling, of course there are feelings too but overall it is a decision to stick things through. Through the ups and downs that marriage brings I know that I have the strength of an awesome God loving man beside me. He has grown immensely in his walk with God and is ever becoming the man that God planned him to be. He is an amazing father, husband, provider and friend and I am blessed to walk this journey with him. I know too often I take our relationship forgranted but without a shadow of a doubt I know that this is the man that God chose for me to walk through life with. Thanks Conrad for being a strong man of God, I love you for all that you are and all that you are becoming!!

I love you DADS!! Happy Fathers Day!


Wanda said...

Three wonderful men!! What a fitting tribute to the men in your life.

Happy Father's Day to all those great men.

Andrea said...


And that picture of you and Conrad is SMOKIN'!!

Jody said...

What a beautiful post. You are a very blessed woman - and it is obvious that you realize it!! Good for you!

all over the map said...

Gee i'm just commenting all over the place here.
i'm weepy with joy. here's to Godly men! you are truly blessed.
i love that you witnessed your dad's bible open. how powerful is that?