Thursday, June 26, 2008

A new summer do...
I don't know it keeps getting shorter and shorter....very comfortable and I like it!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekend and happenings...

This past weekend I had girl time my daughter and daughter #2 Eilish while the boys and man of the house were away on the annual fishing trip.
-Friday night was sleepover night with a friend of mine and her daughter.
-Saturday was spent with my parents going to various green houses looking for the perfect flowers for mom. The to the local fair for a yummy chicken BBQ. I loved spending the day with my parents, I am convinced the older I get I value my parents more and more!!
-Sunday was spent going to church then out to Cora's for breakfast
(YUM) with my mother in law then took the girls to the cheap seats to see Nims Island...very sweet movie! The evening was spent celebrating Conrad's birthday.

The boys had a great time fishing with dad, Noah (pictured) and Ezra caught a bunch of fish(of which none are captured here, I guess I am the one in the family who loves to take pictures ;) )

Ezra's key to catching fish - To catch fish you have to be completely relaxed, lean back in your chair put one foot up and relax, they will come!

Then yesterday was the last day of soccer for Kez and Ez, they loved it!!

Noah sat patiently by and watched AND encouraged his siblings play(proud mom moment) Noah's season ended last weekend, his team captured the bronze medal for the division, my brother was his AWESOME coach it was so exciting to watch Noah play I almost lost my voice on his final match...gotta LOVE soccer!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Conrad!!
I am incredibly blessed to have you in my life, you are an amazing friend, father and husband! I couldn't have wished for a better husband. I am so thankful that God chose you as my life companion. I am thankful that we can laugh together, cry, have fun ,go on adventures and just over all enjoy our lives together!
Thanks for being you! I pray you enjoy this day and realise how incredibly special you are to your family and the people around you!

***** another little tidbit of info our kids are no longer the only grand kids on Conrad's side of the family his brother Garth and his wife Christine had a baby boy this morning at 3am Brennan Jacob weighing a whopping 10 pounds and 24 inches long....go big or go home eh? CONGRATS TO THEM!! Conrad can now share his birthday with someone!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

-Summer blooms-
I think summer has arrived in the neighborhood....sigh...finally ;)

Just a thought..

I love reading the postcards on this site called Post Secret it is anonymous people sending their deepest secrets to a stranger there is a blog as well as books. POST SECRET click to access
As I was reading them today this one struck me.....
What picture of Jesus are we as Christians portraying to the world.....

Monday, June 16, 2008

HOPE and JOY....

Life is made up of many joys and also of challenges and trials and just when you think the darkness will completely take over there is a stream of light that shines in to brighten the moment.
I believe that I am to be ever growing and changing and as growing goes it causes growing pains', being stretched, shaped and molded by the hand of my maker, becoming all I am meant to be! Yet through it all there IS joy, yesterday I was overwhelmed by the beauty around me, the laughter of my kids, the smile of someone I love, the tender words between father and son and a beautiful ending to the day, a sunset.
It is a reminder to me that we look around us every day but are we really
seeing? Seeing the splendor of creation and the love that envelopes us every single day, there is not a day that goes by that our creator doesn't show us His love.

Lord I ask that you continue to mold me and shape me into what YOU want me to be!! Help me to see you in your creation and in the goodness all around me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Men in my life!!

I have always felt loved by my Dad. This man has always been a quiet man and he always showed us love. Many times it was the way he tucked me in at night and kissed my cheek, or when he took the time to read me a bible story, or taught me how to ride my bike, or as I grew up the look of pride on his face when he was around his kids. He has always had a relationship with God and I knew this early on by finding his bible open every morning on the kitchen counter when I woke up and he was already gone for work, and how he spoke to us of the importance of God in our life and being obedient to him. I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful dad and example, he still brings so much joy to my life, I don't know of anyone else who can have a new story for every occasion and it is always funny...

I am also blessed to have a wonderful Father in law who loves his family deeply and takes so much time with my kids to help train them to become wonderful and successful adults, I appreciate his gentle confidence and his unconditional love of his family!! You have helped raise an awesome man that I am proud to call my husband!!

And of course there is my man Conrad. Love is most certainly a decision and not a feeling, of course there are feelings too but overall it is a decision to stick things through. Through the ups and downs that marriage brings I know that I have the strength of an awesome God loving man beside me. He has grown immensely in his walk with God and is ever becoming the man that God planned him to be. He is an amazing father, husband, provider and friend and I am blessed to walk this journey with him. I know too often I take our relationship forgranted but without a shadow of a doubt I know that this is the man that God chose for me to walk through life with. Thanks Conrad for being a strong man of God, I love you for all that you are and all that you are becoming!!

I love you DADS!! Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Wonderful Time..

I have this awesome friend who I have actually known my entire life, our parents used to hang out and we've gone from cutting each others hair and hiding it behind my dresser thinking our parents would never notice the chunks of hair missing off our head to raising our girls together.
She is an amazing person and I admire her so much. She is doing one of the hardest jobs in the world if not THE hardest job, she is raising this girl alone, she works so hard and has just recently
purchased her very own home. She is an awesome woman of God and is doing a FANTASTIC job raising a well behaved fun girl.
We have tried to do a weekend getaway with our girls every year, it hasn't always worked out but we just got away the past few days for just that. It was a great time, we
spent time shopping, swimming, eating, shopping and eating some more. Our conversations are always intriguing, all topics under the sun and boy can we laugh, well howl is more like it. I value her friendship so much, there is definitely something to be said for longtime friends. It is also nice to spend time with my girlie(Keziah) alone and get to know this little woman, I pray that our relationship will always be one of closeness...I love that chicka she makes me smile!
Thanks Gabe for your friendship and for always being a good time!! ( now comment okay?? LOL)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Somebody is Playing Dress-Up

The other day I was so sick and with Conrad being gone I was spending the day on the couch watching a whole day of shows on TLC about was "Say Yes to the Dress" a reality show about a wedding dress shop selling dresses to prospective clients and a special edition of "What Not to Wear" helping three people find their dresses for their special day and then a new fave for me "ROCKIN the reception" where 2 choreographers help wedding couples with their bridal party prepare a special upbeat dance for their receptions and NO ONE knows about it except the wedding fun to watch!!

ANYWAY this all led to my kids asking me all about our wedding and wanting to see the pictures WELL imagine their surprise when I told them I still had my dress so they wanted to see it AND here is what happened...a beautiful moment of dress up Ezra helping his sister into my dress. Kezy was too embarrassed to have her picture taken with it on but here is what i got. LOVE IT!

Have a great weekend!!

Crazy, beautiful day....

Okay I am the first to admit I am not a fan of going on field trips with my kids, something about being with 60plus kids running around that doesn't exactly sound like a good time to me...but how could I say no to my almost 10 year old who still wants his mom around. SO I said yes and went out with the grade four class and spent the day looking at plants and critters from a pond. The best part of it all was the fact that Noah still wanted and appreciated my hugs and kisses throughout the day without being embarrassed in front of his friends now THAT made the whole day worth while. It is hard sometimes when I take a step back and realise how quickly he is growing up and how innocent his living is right now, I yearn for him to stay this way and not grow up so quickly but realise that that won't be possible. I will just do my best to shower him with hugs and kisses and love right now and cherish all the time I have with him.

I pray that I will always have a good relationship with my kids and even though I get insanely frustrated some days I hope they will always know how much I love them and how much I appreciate their hugs and kisses too!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still here....

I am still around things have been a bit crazy here lately. My hubby has been away on a LONG business trip for 10days and I am so ready to have him home, I miss him so much. It is amazing the stability he brings into our home without him things tend to be a bit off like telling one of my kids(no names need to be mentioned)
that maybe I could sell them on eBay...does anyone else have those moments?!?! or am I just going a bit crazy!! I am SO blessed to be able to spend the coming weekend alone with my hubby though I am very much looking forward to that thanks to Granna and Papa who are having the kids for the weekend!!.

Well during the past bit of time I have been sick off and on with a NASTY/crazy flu
bug and my mom left suddenly to south america to be by her dad's side as he is very ill, it is extremely difficult for her to be so far away from her parents and loved ones especially during an illness. My mom felt it best to be by her dad's side and so she is gone for three weeks leaving my dad behind and well truth be told he doesn't fare too well either without his woman there so the family is doing their best to entertain him while she is away. So yes I am still here just otherwise occupied at the moment. If you have a moment to please pray for my Opa and my mom that would be great.

Something I am very excited about though is I am officially signed up to go to an amazing woman's conference in October which will consist of a LONG road trip with awesome friends, I know it will be three amazing days of learning more about God and
growing closer in my relationship with Him, I am SOOO pumped about it I can hardly wait!! I have wanted to go to one of these for quite sometime now and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to go see them in person and hear some amazing speakers who I value greatly and hear them live instead of just on CD!!

Well if you don't hear from me for a while I am busy with family stuff and with summer holidays just around the corner I will be trying to keep the kidlets busy, we have a lot of camping planned in a tent which we are all looking forward to and swimming lessons and a bunch of stuff, should be an exciting few months ahead!

Bless you all!
Hugs and all the best to you and your families hold them close!!