Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What is YOUR perfect lunch??
Well this is mine - a salmon steak baked on a baking stone with a side of yummy steamed broccoli and sea salt and fresh ground pepper with a special dipping sauce of ranch dressing. The only thing better would be a glass of white wine to wash it all down but somehow a woman sitting alone in her house sipping white wine seems a bit desperate housewife to me...
lol. SO what is YOUR perfect lunch??...well I am off to enjoy mine..


Elin said...

That looks yummy!! I love, love, love salmon!

gloria said...

THIS is what you cook when you are alone? I wanna be invited to a dinner party in that case.... and there is NOTHING wrong with a little drinkee poo to take the edge off *hic*

Anonymous said...

You had salmon WITHOUT me??????
That chaps my hiney!!!!

Louise said...

Elin- I know eh?? Isn't is just yum?!

Gloria- believe me this is as fancy as it gets around Love your *hic*..too funny

Jackie- I know thats you!! Sorry I 'cheated' on you had this all on my own, knew you were time!!

Roo said...

wow. this is also my favorite lunch. only -- i didn't know it was until i read your post and saw this pic.


it's me, Val said...

5 years ago I would have said Salmon is my favorite, too. I use to order it everywhere I went. When I got preggers with Noah, I couldn't stand it. I ate it and it made me feel sick. Since then I have tried it but still can't eat it! I hate that, too, because I know it's so good. (Well, use to be!)

My perfect lunch is a chicken salad from Robbies. When I visit you and Erin I will bring one with me :)