Monday, May 05, 2008

A Day of Beauty and Fun...Lots of it

Our annual Mothers Day outing with a bit of pampering and lunch came around again. Oh what fun it is . First a stop at Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte, yum I guess it is the low-cal version of the regular, don't know with all the lingo there but whatever the case it was GOOD. Our next stop the salon/spa where Rose and Mom opted for a pedicure and Candy and I did gel nails. A first for me as Candy called me the 'nail virgin'. They are neat, my nails finally look nice and they feel kinda cool.

Then it was off to lunch at one of my favorite places. My mom ,as wild and crazy as she is, made sure we all celebrated the day out with a little bit of 'big-people juice', Candy and I opted for a blended mojito because we were missing Cuba( especially since the Cuban music was playing in the background )and my mom and Rose both had some sort of girlie fruity something or other. Well this is when the fun started and not after the drink was consumed but actually before it was consumed..oh yes. You see I have this odd habit of puckering in almost every picture I don't know if its because it is a good look for my face hides the chub or because I am just a turd but anyway this bugs my brother Sheldon to NO end and well so I HAD to take a few pics just for him and then might as well get everyone else to join in and I even got my mom to do it....oh yes the laughter of getting a 50 something otherwise pretty straight laced lady to pucker up on an alcoholic beverage is a sight to behold well look for yourself...heehee

AND well of course there was a lot of puckers and some great sis/mom shots.

Then our meals arrived and my mom says a prayer for us and I sneak a shot while she is praying but look how Candy prays I don't know what strange kind of practise she has that requires the tongue to hang out but we won't give up on her we'll keep praying for her( LOL...who is the naughty one taking the pics while someone is praying 'shame on you lisbet'(that would be me)..heehee)

Oh what a hoot these gals are. Our conversation was so diverse from belly- aching laughs to tears of shared stories and challenges in our lives. I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies that I can call friend and family!!
After lunch we headed to the mall for some power shopping and coffee we spent time chatting, great bonding time as usual.
Thanks for the great day!
Love you all!
And LAST but not least MOM this one is JUST FOR YOU!! I love you SOOO much and I am blessed to be your daughter, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY a bit early and always know that I am thankful for you! Thanks for the day out! HUGS AND KISSES!

p.s. there might be a blackmail picture lingering out there- something to do with someone called lisbet and a fire hydrant. You'll have to ask Candy about that one...LOL!


all over the map said...

So nice you all take time together. Sounds like you treated yourselves well. Happy Mum's day to you, early of course.

Carl & Kathy said...

What a wonderful day to celebrate Mother's Day. And so good that you did it early. Yes, you are very blessed and that's just great. Thank you for sharing the great pics!

gloria said...

i think rose should have been drinking her "big people juice" while holding the straw with her toes so she could show off her pedicure like you were showing off your manicure.

Wanda said...

What a lovely day ~~~ Arent, mothers and sisters the greatest ~~

Love your toes ~~ nice color, I need to do that TODAY!!

LOve, Wanda

it's a gong show... said...

glad you had such a great day with your fam! you deserve it!

p.s. abbey lost her other front tooth on sunday, it is too cute :)

Nadine said...

Looks like a great day - those drinks look yummy.

My favorite Starbuck's drink is a skinny vanilla latte. I knew I liked you.

candypb said...

Too Funny... There is pic flying around somewhere. I hope you find it soon, before the wrong person sees it. LOL... Your a great person, Louise. Thanks for being you, I had so much fun with you on Monday. It has put many smiles on my face in the past few days.

Debbie said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Happy Mother's Day

it's me, Val said...

What neat pictures! Love the collages --- how did you do them? Looks like such a perfect day.