Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YUP I am Still around...
Wow its felt like a long time since I have blogged. Truth be told I have started many and deleted them because well they seemed stupid somehow or maybe it was the seasonal blahs...anyway here is a little something to share.

My Keziah came home from school today and she had lost her the first of her upper teeth...she was so excited and asked ' does this mean I get some money.'...okay who started this?? and after how many teeth are you exempt from giving the kiddies cash!!

And then there is Noah and Rex, Rex gets so excited when Noah comes home from school he waits by the window and then when he spots Noah walking towards the house he whines till he is let out and runs to greet him and then once inside the play-fighting starts and oh h0w Noah laughs and giggles and Rex growls and bites Noah.

I was never a pet person, my whole life I never anticipated having a dog, let alone an inside dog and now that I have one I am grateful; grateful for the joy he brings to my kids and believe it or not to Conrad and yes I love his company too. For non-pet lovers I know they will roll their eyes and think it's silly because I was one of those people but I guess it IS silly until you have a pet of your own that blends so well into the family and then it is hard to imagine life without it!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ever Get the Feeling........
Kids are growing up too fast and sometimes the 'older' kids think they are too cool for the younger ones. Well we have a neighbor boy that I am SO thankful for,his name is Brendyn he is 14 and he really takes time for my kids, he actually plays with them, teaches them moves on skateboards, plays street hockey,basketball, golf etc. and most importantly he listens.
These moments were captured through my window without them knowing, Conrad said 'hey Louise look outside' and this is what we saw, not only was he listening intently to Keziah and her ramblings but he taught her a secret handshake. Just too sweet for words.
I am so grateful for him and that he sees the importance of being kind to those younger than him because afterall it is those little eyes that are looking up to see the example!!
Thanks Brendyn for being such a good example to my kids!

( on a little sidenote Brendyn and Keziah are 6.5 years apart exactly the same as me and Conrad, things that make you go hmmm......LOL)
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I thought this was amazing...
on American Idol no less! WOW
(remember to pause music player on the side before starting video)

Friday, April 11, 2008

So far SO good.....

We made the exciting drive to a little city nearby for a family weekend, well Conrad is busy with the home show for most of the time but me and the kids will have fun!
We arrived yesterday and the kids immediately jumped in the pool, we booked into a hotel with a kids theme room and water slide pool at the last minute and were SO happy we made the change, the kids have their own little room with tv/ ps2 they are loving it!!
This morning I am typing this while lying in bed watching Ellen still in my pjs and the kids are in their little room watching a movie and it is it!
This weekend will be about building memories with these kidlets, I am reminded daily that they are growing up quickly and now is the time to shower them with hugs and kisses and tickles while they aren't embarrassed of their mama.
I must tell you something funny, last night at supper we had the buffet and the kids got to make their own sundaes and Ezra was so excited he got up and stood in the aisle and did a random dance with some hip gyration...oh yes this is my son...I SO wish I had that on film!!
I will post pics soon!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our First Bonfire of the year!!

It was a balmy 10C outside today and we had a fabulous bonfire/BBQ with our neighbors, we figured we'd kick off the season early. This is a common occurrence between us neighbors we'll throw together a quick supper and share it. As busy schedules would have it we have not been able to get together with this wonderful family for WAY too long so I am hoping that we'll have many bonfires this spring/summer!
Notice the snow still on the ground in some pics....gotta love it! It IS the way us Eskimos do it up here in the north, we do have our dogs and sled parked in our garage after all!! LOL
Have a wonderful night and I hope you are all enjoying the outdoors where ever you are!!
(click on picture to enlarge)

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Friday, April 04, 2008

A FABULOUS Girls night out!!!!!!! Erin and I went to see two movies back to back last night at the cheap seats, $6.00 for 2 movies does it get any better than that!! I had a BLAST! Check out Erin's Blog for a complete run down of the events in the way only she can discribe it!! Love you girl, thanks for the fun!

The kids come home tonight so today is the day to catch up on ALL the cleaning and laundry I have neglected ALL fun!! LOOK what I have to look forward to...aren't you jealous?! anyone up for folding laundry??? LOL
Have a great weekend ALL!!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Okay Here it is.........

A look at 'my own corner of the world' as I like to call it, I have spent many hours in it thus far this week since the kids are at granna and papas's having a blast and I have gotten a lot accomplished. Having fun working on my scrapbook and then leaving it at anytime and not having to clean up all my stuff, come back in the morning and start where I left off!
I love it!!!
Again the floor and ceiling aren't done because we don't know what we want to do with the rest of the basement yet, once we figure that out we'll finish the room.
I love it and I am so blessed
to have a great man to give such a great room to me and supports me in my hobby! Love you babe!!

And I had to add this, here is my little buddy Rex who keeps me company all day!!

And you may ask What I am working on this week, My France Scrapbook.......LONG overdue, oh well better late than never right?!
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