Monday, March 10, 2008

What do the above ingredients make????

A LOT of fun and some delicious Monster Cookies.
The kids had so much fun helping out.

Here are Kez and Noah cracking their first eggs, Kezy was almost scared trying to do it so no shells would go into the bowl, she was so proud of herself when she did it. Noah too, he was a bit shy about doing it since he is a bit of a perfectionist and didn't want to make a mistake....he did a great job!

This is where the real fun began, you should have seen the look on their faces when I told them to wash their hands and dig in..."what mom? our hands in there?" YUP dig in!!

Oh the gooey hands full of cookie dough squishing through the fingers!!

Here is the ' look Mom' shot, look at that sheer joy on Ezra's face...gotta love it!!
Then it was time for the fun part, I asked them to clean off their hands as much as possible and then they had a blast licking of their fingers...Noah was the only one a bit unsure, you see this kid has come a long way, he used to have to go and wash his hands in the middle of a meal because he couldn't stand them being a bit dirty. So when I told them they could lick their hands Kez and Ez dig in and loved it and Noah hummed and hawed a bit and then folded and enjoyed every lick!

( Note: no fingers went back into the dough after being

Here is the finished mixture.mmmmmmm YUM!
And NO I didn't have any, this is one of the most tempting things for me cookie dough especially with smarties and chocolate chips, 11 more days and then I can indulge!!!
And here is a pic of Kezy, I had some tunes playing while we were making the cookies and she stood up on the chair and starting singing along with her thumb as her microphone...too cute!!

AND here they are the finished product all warm and yummy! What is better than warm cookies and a glass of milk?

I had a blast with my kids, so often it is 'easier' to do things without their help because it takes so much longer and yet when I take the time to allow them to take part in the fun, the enjoyment they have and the happiness on their faces and then the pride they feel when someone has a cookie that they is ALL worth it, every spill, every mess and every single smile!!


Elin said...

They look yummy. Glad you had some fun quality time with your kids. Make sure you freeze some cookies and dough so you can indulge in 10 days. lol

Louise said...

Oh Elin you know me SO well..I did just that, froze some cookies AND cookie dough!!!LOL

Andrea said...

ACK!! You are a strong woman to be able to refrain from cookie dough!!!

Glad you had a blast with your kids!! It looks like a lot of fun!

Wanda said...

What is that you say ~~ you want my address so you can send monster cookies to the "Cookie Lady". They look wonderful. Since I've been packing ~~ my neighborhood children have reminded me I've slowed down on the cookie baking!!!

Better get with it tomorrow!!

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

What a great time with the kids. It inspires me to make some Monster cookies, we got smarties from Grandma when she came for a visit!

Louise said...

Andrea- it was one of the hardest things so far, cause as long as its not right in front of me I am okay so this was tough!!

Wanda-sure I can send you some I made a bunch!! Better get crackin those kids are depending on you!! HUGS

Kathy- yeah it was awesome, that is right they don't have smarties in the states what up with that??

it's me, Val said...

Those look sooooo good. I love your daughter's hair. It's so beautiful.