Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today we drove out and spent the day with my in-laws they are WONDERFUL Grandparents SO involved and hands on, my kids are so blessed to have them in their lives! And well I guess I kinda like them too(heehee I know they read this blog)..... okay I love them dearly!! Anyway the kids always have a blast and come back exhausted, this was the scene tonight when we got this is a test like the ones in the newspaper...what is wrong with these pictures??

1) All the lights were left on.
2) No teeth were brushed(sorry Papa)
3) ALL clothes were left on.
4) Boys glasses left on.
5) Keziah only made it halfway onto the bed.

Gotta love em, they look so peaceful!
I thank heaven for the blessing of family, great kids and great in-laws!!!
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Wanda said...

Looks like our prayers were answered for "sleeping kidss"

They look absolutely adorable!!

Louise dear, did you get some sleep?

candypb said...

Did you change to boy's room? I don't reconize their walls.
I hope they all stay asleep that you can get some rest.
Love ya chick

Louise said...

Wanda- yeah I got some sleep, my head hit the pillow and I was OUT!! Thanks for your prayers! Love you dear!! You look HOT by the the new profile pic!!

Candy-I changed it last fall I think..guess you haven't been in there in a while! miss you!

Andrea said...

I couldn't tell about the lights or teeth -- but I figured out the clothes, glasses and Kezia only being partially in bed. :)