Friday, March 21, 2008

Is 8 am too early for a cadbury creme egg??

Well ladies and a few gentlemen I did it, I made it 46 days without chocolate and dessert!!!!! Wow crazy stuff... And the answer to the above question is NO it isn't too early, I enjoyed my first creme egg of the season and wow I had forgotten how sweet they were, but oh so delicious!! Okay Louise now the key is to use self-control with the chocolate this can do it!!(heehee)

Well I hope and pray that everyone has a blessed Easter!! I thank the Lord for the sacrifice He made for US on the cross and that He rose again!!! Praise the Lord!!


Andrea said...

oh, Y-U-M!!
it's never too early for one of those bad-boys!!

congrats on making it through the long 46 days!!

and PRAISE THE LORD for His sacrifice for US!!

Erin said...

Way to go Louise! You're my inspiration.

ValleyGirl said...

Ugh, I can't STAND those things!!!! I think the runny texture bothers me or something. I'm not sure what, but they just make me gag. So that's one temptation I never have!!

Good for you giving up chocolates and desserts! I unconsciously ended up giving up soft drinks. I finished the last one we had in the house two days after hubby left at the end of January and had my very first Pepsi last night at supper -- which ended up keeping me awake until almost 2 this morning!!!! I guess my body's gotten used to not having that around! (I was just too lazy to buy any more, it wasn't really a decision that I made, so I know it doesn't count. If you're not thinking about it, if it's not a definite decision, it's not a sacrifice.

Good for you, sticking to your resolve and making a small sacrifice to honour God's BIG ONE.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!


Nadine said...

Never too early or too late for chocolate. I love the cadbury mini eggs...yummy.

Have a wonder Easter.

Elin said...

I was thinking about you yesterday, and hoped you enjoyed something really yummy!! :)

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

Oh how I miss those yummy eggs! 8 a.m. isn't too early at all. And good for you that you made it 46 days without sweets. I hope that it was a refreshing time for you as you prepared for Easter. And have a blessed weekend.