Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is there to do???
When it is -45 and the snow is blowing what is there to do? Well on Saturday Noah and Kez learned how to knit, Aunty Candy taught Kez at Christmas time and so Kez needed a bit of a refresher and today Noah learnt for the first time. Surprisingly enough they both enjoyed it a lot. It is much easier to knit with the bigger needles as Noah found out but he didn't give up, he only started over about 3 times but continued on, I am going to get him bigger needles and better yarn. They both worked on Kezy's pink scarf and then I finished it off. What fun, I never thought I would enjoy something like knitting but it is relaxing, it is tough trying to read a book and knit at the same time but when the book is good there is always a way to make it work.
I had a great time teaching the kids and hopefully when Noah gets his bigger needles and thicker yarn he'll be able to knit his own scarf.
But for now here are some pics of the fun!

Kezy working on her scarf.

Noah working on his project, didn't get very far but hey he's learning.



The finished product!!!

In the evening we had Candy and Sheldon over and I attempted to make my favorite drink from Cuba -sponge coffee aka Spanish coffee~!
It turned out....I will have to do this more often when company comes are some shots!
In case you wanna try it out here is what you need:
-Kahluha or Brandy pour it into the bottom of the glass
-froth up some warm milk and scoop it on top of the Kahluha carefully so not to mix
-then take a spoon and position it on the edge of the frothed milk layer and pour hot coffee slowly to create the middle layer
-finish is off with some cocoa sprinkles and ALL DONE
- there is it ENJOY!! It is a yummy nightcap, or if you have a sore throat or are feeling under the weather it is a great warm drink!!(you may want to stir it otherwise it is very strong when you reach the bottom)
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Nadine said...

That drink looks yummy. I like Kahluha and coffee...great combination.

The kids looks like they had fun and the pink scarf came out great.

ValleyGirl said...

Ooo, the drinks look (and sound!) awesome! And the scarf looks great, too! Isn't this weather just disgusting?! Man, February is always the month where I start getting annoyed (and sometimes a little depressed) cuz winter's so dang long and being housebound for weeks at a time is definitely NOT HELPING!!! It's supposed to be nice and warm by the weekend, though. Hopefully the forecast is right! I'm ready to play outside!

Elin said...

What a beautiful scarf!!

I am having a hard time with the weather this year - cabin fever anyone?

When I am done nursing I would love a sponge coffee (Kathy told me the story)-lol. It looks yummy.

Wanda said...

Hi Louise: I've not been around for a while - Sorry! The nightcap looks wonderful, and the Look Alike Meters how fun.
Your whole family are darling!!! Meter or No meter!

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

I enjoyed hearing about your family's new hobby. And Kezia's scarf turned out very nice. Might have to try some of that coffee.....

gloria said...

those look delic!

Andrea said...

Good for them! I learned how to crochet about ten years ago, and I love it! Knitting...that would be cool too. She must be so proud of her finished scarf! It looks great!!