Friday, February 15, 2008

A great day....
I love Valentines Day I know to some it is just another day and it is so overdone and we shouldn't have to have a holiday like this show our love, I get all that but at the same time I think it is a great day to show everyone around us how much we love and care about them.....ANYWAY..
The day started out with coffee with great friends, conversation is always good and the time truly flies by too quickly.
In the afternoon I took Rex(our dog) to the school to be shown for 'show and tell' my kids classes and then I had a bit of time to go see Erin while she is painting her new digs...great stuff, can't believe she has done it all on her own!!! Great job Erin!
AND then in the evening for supper my family enjoyed our heart shaped pizzas from the local store here in town....mmm good. We had a great evening together.
After the kids were tucked into bed instead of actually getting to our movie we ended up just cuddling on the couch watching our Thursday night line up of Survivor, LOST and Lipstick was good none the less I will watch the movie with a girlfriend tomorrow night.

I just had to add this to brag on my honey a bit, he went out shopping on his own and bought me a gift and most importantly his little girl a gift, he went and picked out incredibly cute pink camoflauge pants with sparkles on the front(which she is wearing in the pic) and even got her size right!! and then he bought her a rose, he wants her to know that her daddy will always be there to shower love, affection and gifts on her so she doesn't need to find a boy to do that for her(right now anyway, someday forsure although I am sure he'd like her to wait till she is at least 30...LOL)...what a sweetheart!! I love my man SO much and wouldn't trade him for anything. I got a DVD and an external hardrive, yes ladies I know what you are all romantic is that?? well it is because now I can store ALL my millions(okay maybe not that much) of pictures and music on one source and not have to worry about my computer crashing and loosing all that stuff!! YEAH!
I hope you all had a wonderful day!!
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Andrea said...

okay, YUM!! i want those pizzas now. any leftovers??? :)

sounds like a great day.

and that picture of your hubby with your sweet little adorable!!

Tara said...

What a great picture, the technique with the rose is awesome! The pizza looks pretty good too!

Wanda said...

What a Wonderful Valentines Day, and what a Sweetie of a husband.


Nadine said...

Love the heart shaped pizza. Your hubby rocks.

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

That is so priceless that your husband got Keziah a gift for Valentine's. So sweet. And I'm so with you on the external hard drive. What a great gift!