Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fabulous Girls Weekend.....

I think I have caught up on my missed sleep and now I finally will share a bit about the weekend. We had a great time at Wilderness Edge in Pinawa there was about 20 of us this year, the numbers seem to go up every year. This is the 4th or 5th year we have been doing this and it is always such a blast. Everyone does there own thing, people stay up till all hours of the night reading or chatting and it is so relaxed, there are meals provided so there is NO cooking which is always such a bonus!! I shared a room with some great gals and we ended up going to bed at about 2:30 each night. It is neat getting to know everyone on a personal level.

I also was able to go for a nice walk on my own and enjoy the winter air and scenery. Even though it is so bitterly cold the beauty is still all around. I had a great time of prayer with God and He showed me some wonderful things one of them to do with the picture of the dock, it spoke so deeply to me...the center of the dock is the way to God and the docks branching out are all the distractions along the way, the things that keep me off track from pursuing my identity in Christ. I was moved by this and realised this is not a message just for me but I think everyone can understand that in one way or another, how easily do we get distracted and get off track and realise that it has been a while since we have spent time with the one who loves us the most!

So it was a refreshing walk and I am so blessed to have been able to have taken some wonderful shots!

As we were leaving on Sunday afternoon we had a wild guest come and say goodbye. I guess the wildlife here is so used to being fed they have no fear of approaching people, made for some neat pictures.
This is my sis-in-law Rose petting the deer.

Here is Erin trying to get a good pic and the deer kept on going too close, so funny!!!

So bottom line it was a great weekend and it goes by way to quickly, I look forward to next year~
Thanks Erin for the thoughtful gift and thanks to all of you ladies who made the weekend so special!!!
Love ya!

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ValleyGirl said...

Those are awesome pictures, Louise!!! I love the park bench one! And the deer made me laugh. We were there too, a couple of years ago for a youth leaders retreat and the same thing happened. And did you witness the evening stampede when the kitchen throws out their scraps onto the lawn?!

Tara said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Great pics too!

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

Glad you had such a good time with your friends and such a meaningful time with God. The picture of the dock is beautiful.

Alison said...

Looks like you gals had a blast again. Think I may have to come next time!

Nadine said...

Great fun. I can't believe the deer is that close. The snow pictures came out a postcard.

Wanda said...

Louise for some reason I haven't been able to pull up your blog. Then today...there you were.

Love the pictures..and thanks again for your sweet comments on my posts. LOL :)

Rose said...

Hey Sister,
Love the beautiful pictures and the beautiful thoughts,you are such a blessing to me.
I love the Deer pictures, I've never been that close to a Deer other than almost hitting one. Ask Norm how much he likes Deer, hmm not so much, after 2 cars gone.LOL

Cherrye said...

Fun! Those pictures are amazing. I LOVE spending girl time. And, what a great bonus you didn't have to cook a thing!

But, how did ya'll stay warm??