Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Almost Half Way....

Okay so for Lent (which runs from Ash Wednesday to Easter) I gave up chocolate and well ALL other sweets too....yup candy, cookies, cake, pie, ice cream,bars...well quite frankly the list could go on and I'd just end up with a keyboard full of drool so I best quit, you get the idea.

I didn't do it to follow some religious idea or concept but rather to give up something important to me so that my focus may be where it needs to be, on my Saviour!!

Anyway today is day 21 with 24 days to go(till Good Friday), in all actuality to give something up for lent you are 'allowed' to have what you gave up on Sundays only making it only 40days BUT I decided to go the full 46 days without.

Let me tell you t
here have been days when it has been easy and then there have been days were I have SUCH a craving that the only thing I can do is pray. For the first week I replaced all the sweets I would have had with something salty only making my desire for something sweet even stronger so now I just don't have anything.

I do feel that this has been a good thing for me so far. I don't know what it is like to give up an 'addiction' but this must be a sliver of what it feels like. It's not that I would eat sweets all day long but I would have at least some chocolate chips or a cookie each day and well other days yes more.
I haven't made cookies for my kids because my temptation is the dough not the actual cookie itself...mmm dough...snap out of it... Well yes as I was saying it has been good to shift my focus, I have given up something that is important to me in order to focus on something that should have my focus.

What I have given up is SO small compared to the sacrifice that was given for me that day on the cross and that is what I have to keep remembering.

Last night I guess you could say I was suffering from a common female condition called PMS and well you know woman+ PMS=chocolate...and well I guess I didn't have the best attitude and I may have been complaining a bit and then Ezra says to me " Just give up mom, just stop it and have some chocolate already..." I did chuckle at that and then I explained to him why it is important for me to continue this, I put it to him in his terms saying ' could you give up just one week of computer without complaining?' well he did not like that...and I gently told him when something has so much control over you that just the thought of giving it up causes tears then maybe it is something to consider giving up at least for some time to change the focus and attention of that 'thing' whatever it is. It has been a good opportunity to share with the kids even though Kezy loves to wave things in my face and say ' ha ha mommy you can't have this'...oh yes what a sweet child I have compassionate!!

Well all that
being said I am almost half way there, I think I can do this!! One thing I know I will enjoy Easter eggs with a whole new meaning this year...mmmmm
m ..can't wait!!


Rose said...

Hey Girl, I'm right there with you and this time I can say I fully understand all of your reasons and desires...hmm chocolate. You can do it I know you can and if you need a word of encouragment give me a call(I will most likely need it as well). I look forward to eating desserts with you on Easter and since we know Mom is feeling the same way we are she will have multiples to choose from, yeh!!!

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

Good for you for giving up something during this time of lent. You can definitely do this! It's good to focus our attention on Christ, especially with Easter coming.

Wanda said...

Thats great Louise...Easter has so much more meaning if we have sacrificed something during Lent.

I won't mention I made brownies tonight...! :)

gloria said...

nice of wanda not to mention that... lol

i feel for you girl. addictions suck and we don't realize quite what a hold they have on us until we try to defy them.

hang in there.

Andrea said...

YOU ARE BRAVE! especially choosing to not indulge on sundays, even though you're "allowed" to. those pictures you kept putting throughout your post sure made me hungry for chocolate!

Roo said...

way 2 go. giving up sugar would be really hard for me. and that probably means it's something i should do as well.....

Louise said...

Rose-thanks for your encouragement!!
Kathy - Amen to that!
Wanda- you are too funny! thanks for the brownies eat them for me ;)
Gloria-yeah totally I can only imagine what you are going through with quitting smoking, hang in there chicka!!
Andrea- I know my mouth was watering putting those pics up there!
Roo-thanks ;)

esther said...

WOW!! Louise, i'm proud of you. this has been something i have thought of doing...and that's about as far as it's gone?!?
you can do it!!!

ValleyGirl said...

I think it's so awesome you've found a way to turn your cravings (and the subsequent crankiness!) into teachable moments with your kids!!

I've given up soft drinks -- but didn't actually realize it until a couple of days ago. Does that count?! I guess not, since I haven't really been thinking about sacrifice at all!