Sunday, January 20, 2008

(Naturally 7...really gifted and easy on the opened up the show for Michael..check out their video below)

One of the GREATEST entertainers


He is such a great entertainer keeps you smiling and laughing the entire show. I had the perfect seats ROW 7 on the floor exactly center stage, it was amazing!!!! Worth every penny, I would see him again in a heartbeat!!
I took a bunch of pictures here are a few.
I am sure Erin will have a detailed review of the show so check out her blog for all the details!!!

I am off to pack for Vegas leaving in a few hours...eeek!!

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Andrea said...

WOW, those were great seats you had!

Sheesh...trips, concerts -- girl, you got it going on!!

Enjoy your trip with your hubby!

Wanda said...

You life seems to be taking an "upswing"....I'm thrilled you've been able to do these cool things....Go Louise....!!!!

Nadine said...

Great. I'm so glad you had a great time.