Saturday, January 26, 2008

Conrad and I just got back from 5 days in Vegas, he went for business and I tagged along. While we were gone we celebrated our TEN year anniversary....WOW...crazy stuff...31 and married 10years. I love the guy and it just keeps getting better. We celebrated by going to see a Cirque show called Mystere, that is amazing stuff, those performers are so talented and strong there is no limit it seems to what the human body can do!!
We stayed at Treasure Island on the 36th (top) floor and had a beautiful room overlooking the strip, that was REALLY neat great pictures and a great view of the mountains too!!!
I spent a few days wandering the strip by myself while Conrad worked I really enjoyed this time taking pictures and doing things on my own time. I really enjoy my time alone and I loved being able to spend the evening with my babe each night going for dinner and hanging out. We aren't gamblers so that wasn't a draw, truthfully I can only handle Vegas in small doses, love seeing the buildings and unique architecture and things but there is also a lot of junk there. I was happy to go with Conrad and thanks to his boss we were able to spend our anniversary together.

Happy to have gone and happy to be home!!!

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Andrea said...

Welcome back!
Glad you had such a great time.

I need my alone time, too!!

Elin said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy that new ring!
Hugs, Elin

Wanda said...

Happy "10" Anniversary! Looks like a very nice one. Glad you got to a great room 36th floor...nice, and have some time to your self too.
You are a darling couple and family I love seeing all you do.
Love and Hugs

lil ole' me..... said...

Welcome back and happy belated anniversary!!!
Never been to Vegas... wasn't sure it was my kind of place. The pictures make me second guess myself though!

Nadine said...

Happy Anniversary. I would have loved to see the Cirque show. It's wonderful that you were able to tag along on this trip and celebrate your anniversary.

esther said...

welcome home,
and happy anniversary!!!!
i've never been there, would like to...hopefully someday :)

Andrea said...

thanks for the invite to your new private blog. i'm honoured to have been included!