Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A time of love, laughter, tears and unconditional love...
My brother Allan and his wife and kids flew out to celebrate Christmas this past weekend. It started with family picture
s at a studio with all 24 of us, 9 kids age 9 and under trying to get them to all smile at actually went really smoothly and I took some pics while we were waiting between takes.

Me and my dad practising moves from Dancing with the Stars...we may need more practise..what do you think dad??

Me and my babe.

My brother's little girl..she is such a sweetheart!

Us hangin out at the studio waiting our turns to smile!
Well the pictures turned out great and we all had a few laughs thanks to my brother Sheldon who always keeps things exciting. I love spending time with my family!!
The rest of the day we hung out at my parents place, chatting, eating and having fun.
Sunday we went to church where Kezy took part in The Grinch as part of the service, she was a Who from Whoville her hair was wild...soo cute!

The Grinch The kids

Kezy is in the middle with the ponytail high up in the air...too funny. It was a very cute production.
After church it was back to Mom and Dad's for a hayride on my dad's new tractor and present time...what a great family time.
It is amazing how a family can to pull together and support each other through ups and downs and yet in the same moment laugh and smile. It was a hard weekend for my sister in law who had a miscarriage a week before our gathering. It was tough to see her in pain from her loss, there were tears, hugs and grins of support and love and yet through it all we managed to have a good time within the safety of our family. I am SO grateful for my family that truly surrounds each other through all times good and bad.
The hayride was great, despite the cold we took another group shot with my dad's new tractor and he shared with us that this was a 50year dream come true, what a moving moment, I know for myself it is a hard thing to see my dad emotional and this was one of those times were my heart swelled for my dad. I am so proud to be his girl!!!

Getting ready for the ride......

And last but not least..a beautiful snow angel!!!

And one last thought, this rang a bell in me and I was very moved while I was watching a movie in it it said.....(from Evan Almighty)

When we pray and ask God for patience does He give it to us or give us opportunities to be patient?
When we pray and ask God for courage does He just hand it to us or give us opportunities to be courageous?
When we ask for family closeness does God just zap us with warm fuzzy feelings or does He give us opportunities to love each other?


Andrea said...

good post, my ALWAYS PHOTOGENIC friend!!

it sounds like you are truly blessed with a wonderful family.

i'd love to see the picture of the whole gang!

Nadine said...

You have a great smile and take such a lovely picture. It would be great to see the finish family photo.

Ruth said...

i enjoyed this post. and the "evan" quotes at the end. i can easily apply those to some stuff i am walking through.

merry happy christmas!

ValleyGirl said...

Those are some good "Almighty" thoughts. It's why we have to be so careful what we ask for!!

Looks like you had a great time with your family. I LOVE that tractor!!

Wanda said...

Oh how I loved looking at all these wonderful pictures. It's so nice to feel a part of this big blogger family!!
Merry Christmas and Love to all!

cheeky said...

Oh I loved this post.
Family is everything, is it not?
I think it's so wonderful to enjoy and love on one another.
You and your hubs look fabulous.
I'm so glad your dad is enjoying his tractor.
If that tree with snow dusted on it isn't the quintessential Christmas moment, I don't know what is?
Wishing I were surrounded with snow right now.
Hugs to you girlie.

it's a gong show... said...

my goodness! not sure what is wrong with me today but that last part of your post is making me bawl like a baby!