Friday, December 14, 2007

How do we change the world?
One Act of Random Kindness each day.

Today was a busy day, a lot of running around to do and Christmas shopping and things not working and running from place to place and at 2pm I realised I still hadn't had my coffee...oh my land that HAD to change. So I unloaded my bags in the van and headed back into the mall to find a Starbucks, as I waited in line the barrister asked if he could get my order started while the lady was helping a customer in front
of me and I said sure 'one grande peppermint white chocolate mocha please' and as I waited in the line I looked around a bit and picked out a yogurt for my lunch and then it was my turn in line, I put the yogurt on the counter and the rest of the conversation went as follows..

"$1.87 please" friendly Starbucks lady

" and the Grande peppermint white chocolate mocha" Louise says

" It has been paid for" friendly Starbucks lady

"what? really? by who" Louise asks quite startled

" That man walking away over there" friendly Starbucks lady replies and adds " you don't know him?!"

"Nope I have never met him" Louise says as she catches a glimpse of a kind gentleman walking into the crowd of people. "WOW" I add" That was really nice" and I add a "thank you" in his direction but I don't think he heard me and if he did, he didn't acknowledge his kindness.

" That is the nicest thing I have seen happen here." friendly Starbucks lady adds

And so it went ,I was blessed by a simple gesture that truly made my day.

How did he know I was feeling a tad stressed and that little blessing would so enrich my day?!

Does he know that by doing that he not only touched me but the people working there as well?!

I enjoyed every ounce of that coffee unlike any other before, it meant more to me coming from a well wishing stranger who simply decided to pay for the person behind him and so on my way home I sent up a special prayer of blessing for the stranger who blessed me in a small BIG way!!

Thank you Lord for sending that man across my path to brighten my day!!!!


Ruth said...

that is AWESOME louise. i bet you smiled all the way home.

Ruth said...

btw -- this is one of my favorite quotes i just read in a recent book i was reading:
"Everyone makes a difference:
If everyone did one thing for one issue, the world would be an entirely different place"
~The Chronicle Project"

andrea said...

truly a beautiful kindness...much the same happened to me last year ...totally changes the perspective of the day!it sure feels so good to have a complete stranger, make you an effort in their day and bless you (and those that witness such giving)!what a neat way to celebrate this season!...definitely's got me thinking...
So good to see Allan and family this past week. I could not believe how you and Amy Jane have the same beautiful bright blue eyes! merry christmas!

Leesh said...

that rocks!! It definitely makes you think "what can I do to bless someone" Especially in this busy season we often forget that the whole purpose is to bless people.
And hey, he spoke your love language. How cool is our God!!

Louise said...

Ruth- I totally smiled the whole way home!!! I love that quote, thanks for sharing it!!
Andrea- yeah gotta love surprises like that! Had a blast with my brother and his family and I love that Amy Jane she is such a cutie!
Leesh-Cool eh? he totally spoke my love language without even knowing it!! LOL GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Gloria said...

Pretty cool Louise, pretty cool!

ValleyGirl said...

You don't know how often I think of doing that, but never do. I need to start actually doing it once in a while.

Anonymous said...

What a nice jesture. I remember in the summer they had a thing going on a radio station called "pay it forward", if you were at a Tim's Horton's drive thru to pay for the persons coffee behind you, so when they came up to the window it was taken care of!

Wanda said...

I love that! :)