Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Spectacular Part 1

Every year our sunday school kids take the month of December to sing for us instead of doing one night, so every Sunday we are blessed to see our kids perform. Today was Noah's aka G- Force's turn and he was very excited about it. He is the one in the bright yellow vest in the front row. We have come such a long way from all my kids refusing to go on stage. Now at least two of the three will participate, Kezy is next week and I'll have more pics to show then..they are doing the grinch and she is a 'who' from whoville, she is looking forward to the wild and crazy hair! As for Ezra as it stands now he is refusing to take part....I guess we'll wait and see.

And then after church while we were waiting for Conrad to finish volunteering in the parking lot me and the kids had some fun in the van taking pictures and enjoying our apple cider.


Ruth said...

what a great idea of spreading out the kids program throughout the month. i love that.

(btw as soon as you mentioned FRUIT LOOPS on my blog i had brian go out and find me a box. oh -- the pregnant joys.

Nadine said...

That's a good idea. It looks like a big production. Nice set.

Gloria said...

Nice idea, the month long production. Wonder how long it would be if all kids participated and it was all done on one night.

What does your church do on Christmas Eve then?

Louise said...

Ruth- Glad you could enjoy the Froot Loops..heehee

Nadine- yeah it was fun!

Gloria- It probably wouldn't last more than an hour or so but we don't have it in one day because there wouldn't be enough room in the audience for people to come watch when approx 2500 come to each service on Sunday and one service on Wednesday and that doesn't include the kids in the sunday school rooms. As for Christmas Eve we do a one hour service of praise and worship and Christmas music and a small devotional in two services 6 and 7:30.
It is a different set up due to the size of the church but we enjoy it.

ValleyGirl said...

I like the idea of spreading out the Christmas program. In a tiny church like ours, we certainly don't need to spread it out for space reasons, but it's still nice to celebrate all month long instead of just one night. Very cute pictures!

Wanda said...

Great idea! Darling kids. Love the collage. We have our big Christmas Musical with the children on Sunday night. Along with that is Christmas caroling, Beans and cornbread, cookies, cider and chocolate...and this year a Card Party for my husband, Pastor Don's 70th birthday!!
Love these Christmas events!! :)

cheeky said...

I like the idea also of having it all month long. I always enjoy the children singing at church.
You are a fun mommy taking all those pics in the car.

redeemed diva said...

Sounds like fun and looked like fun. Great collage at the bottom of the post.

Andrea said...

uh, hello -- anybody home?? i tagged you for a 'hoopla' on my blog...go check it out!