Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12- Things- about-me -Christmas -'hoopla', This was created by Andrea so here it goes...

1. My Birthday is during the Christmas season.
2. I have spent four Christmases in South America in 47 Celsius heat....yikes that was different than our snow.
3.Growing up we always opened our presents on Christmas morning and then went to church.
4.My nostalgic Christmas albums I listen to every year are Boney M and Kenny Rogers...I love the memories that they fill me with!
5. We open gifts with our kids now on Christmas morning, they get to sleep by the tree and dream about whats to come.
6. I LOVE eggnog especially with a splash of Captain Morgan's...heehee
7. My favorite Christmas treat is Butterscotch mom makes it the BEST
8. Every year for my birthday my hubby makes White Chocolate Cheesecake and invites friends and family over to come celebrate and most of my gifts are even wrapped in BIRTHDAY eh? can you tell how important that was to me growing up..oh the simple things
9. I love the Christmas season, the songs, the services, the special programs, the family time...i just LOVE it!
10. I love the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street' but I think my new family movie tradition will be watching 'The Nativity' with my kids
11. I LOVE eggnog lattes and gingerbread lattes at Starbucks during this season.
12. I like shopping alone, going out early in the morning and then spending the day wandering, grabbing a latte, sitting to a leisurely lunch, taking my time finding the perfect gift for people on my list.

mmmm why is it that a lot of my things have to do with food?? LOL


ValleyGirl said...

Food is just a big part of Christmas, that's all there is to it!! (Remember, the scale is going DOWN!)

Ruth said...

mmmmm -- your hubby makes you WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE???? wow. that's pretty awesome. i'm very impressed. what day in december is your birthday?

Louise said...

Valleygirl-yeah I know I am working hard to get the numbers about self control eh?? EEEK

Ruth-yeah pretty good guy he is so awesome! I love the cheesecake!!
My b-day is on the 22nd!!

Andrea said...

thanks for playing! (ahem...except you didn't TAG anyone!!)

i love the tradition of your kids sleeping in front of the tree...i may have to steal that one when my girls are a little older

cheeky said...

What is butterscotch confetti? I like butterscotch and it sounds yummy. Please post a recipe.
I also love Christmas music and it does take you back down memory lane.