Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Yes it is true....
I have got some of the best friends around.
Last night I had a ladies night with three great friends, after we tucked the kids in bed we all gathered for some fun, treats and chatter.

It was a great night that lasted till the wee hours of the morning and after going home for a few hours of sleep and sending my kids off to school it all started again this morning.

Well even though it's my birthday tomorrow I did a bit of celebrating today while the kids were all in school.

The day started out with my a great pal Kyle who worked on my roots and then while the color was sitting we joined Michelle in her house(the salon is attached) and had a really healthy breakfast of chocolate, fruit, cinnamon buns and turnovers OH and champagne and orange juice and baileys and coffee(THANKS MICHELLE!!!!!).... Ah yes I don't know that this is 'allowed' but it is noon somewhere in the world right...heehee! More friends joined us, Lisa, Jackie, Felecia and Alecia and well the party got started we all sat around chatting and it was a hoot, do you ever have those times when everyone is talking all at once and then there is uproarious(word?) laughter and the conversation keeps going...gotta love it....Oh and my honey stopped by for a bit too.
Well after my hair was all done Jackie, Lisa and I hopped in the van and drove to the big city and they took me out for a deliciously healthy lunch of McDonalds, yup you read that right I am a cheap date, I know its sick but I HEART McDonalds...mmm. Then we did a bit of shopping and HAD to stop for a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks(thanks again Jackie).
And here I sit at the end of the school day waiting for my kids to come home, I am SO blessed. I have such wonderful friends!!
Thanks ladies and Kyle for making my day so special!!
Tomorrow is another party, the annual cheesecake event but we are expecting 10-15cm of snow and 40-60km/hr winds so we'll see how many people can show up, can't wait!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Someone was excited about her Christmas concert tonight and wanted to do a little photo shoot......
Could the subject be ANY cuter?? I know I know I am bias but oh well, she is quite possibly the cutest kid ever....heehee!!

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Has anyone figured out the issue with the header?? WHY isn't mine working?? :-(

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trying out my new camera, I have A LOT to learn but here are a few shots I took today while I took a drive with my pup!! and the pinecones in my house.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I am so excited......
I got a slightly early birthday and Christmas gift from my honey. He went out yesterday and came home with a new toy for me to play with. I am thrilled now I just have to learn to use all the buttons properly, I see a photography course coming up in the near future~~LOVE IT! I love taking pictures of buildings and landscape and my kiddies so I am thrilled to have a new camera to do this with!!
Thanks babe!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Annual Christmas Party 2007

This is the party I anticipate each year. This year we decided to order in Chinese Food so no one had to cook and we had a buffet of desserts and treats and it was a blast!! Every year us girls pick a ticket name and we have that person throughout the year and buy them a birthday gift, pray for them and do little things for them throughout the year and then at Christmas we get a gift for that person as well. We had a fabulous evening of talking, laughing till ou
r bellies hurt and chatting some more. I am so blessed by these friendships and I am thankful for each of these beautiful ladies. The hubbies were all present as well and a good time was had by all.

Here is our annual photo..not the greatest shot but hopefully someone else has a better one since oh about 5 husbands were all taking the picture, it was a mini!

Kyle me and Alecia...having a good laugh trying to be all posed.....ah yeah didn't work out too hot...they wanted the whitey in the middle to balance them

Me and Leesh

What a great evening. I look forward to the coming year.....and OH yeah this is what I got from my prayer sister...


(Music and Lyrics DVD, Caramel Baileys.mmm, Tim Pay coffee pass...oh yeah, and vanilla scented candles fave!!)

Thank you to all of you gals in the picture above, I am so blessed by each of you and I so enjoy sharing and being a part of your lives, thanks for your voice of wisdom and reason in my life in times when it is most needed. Your support and love does not go unnoticed!! LOVE YOU BIG HUGE MUCH!!!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some of you have requested I post my FAVORITE Christmas treat recipe...SO here it is!!

2cups peanut butter

1cup butter or margarine

4cups butterscotch chips (2 packages)

1 small bag multi colored marshmallows or plain white ones

-melt butter and peanut butter in a large saucepan over low heat
-stir in chips till melted
-remove mixture from heat and let it cool until you can hold your hand on the bottom of the pot, I usually put it in a sink with really cold water
-once mixture has cooled enough so marshmallows won't melt, add the marshmallows

-put in 9by13 pan and cool in fridge before cutting into squares


Friday, December 14, 2007

How do we change the world?
One Act of Random Kindness each day.

Today was a busy day, a lot of running around to do and Christmas shopping and things not working and running from place to place and at 2pm I realised I still hadn't had my coffee...oh my land that HAD to change. So I unloaded my bags in the van and headed back into the mall to find a Starbucks, as I waited in line the barrister asked if he could get my order started while the lady was helping a customer in front
of me and I said sure 'one grande peppermint white chocolate mocha please' and as I waited in the line I looked around a bit and picked out a yogurt for my lunch and then it was my turn in line, I put the yogurt on the counter and the rest of the conversation went as follows..

"$1.87 please" friendly Starbucks lady

" and the Grande peppermint white chocolate mocha" Louise says

" It has been paid for" friendly Starbucks lady

"what? really? by who" Louise asks quite startled

" That man walking away over there" friendly Starbucks lady replies and adds " you don't know him?!"

"Nope I have never met him" Louise says as she catches a glimpse of a kind gentleman walking into the crowd of people. "WOW" I add" That was really nice" and I add a "thank you" in his direction but I don't think he heard me and if he did, he didn't acknowledge his kindness.

" That is the nicest thing I have seen happen here." friendly Starbucks lady adds

And so it went ,I was blessed by a simple gesture that truly made my day.

How did he know I was feeling a tad stressed and that little blessing would so enrich my day?!

Does he know that by doing that he not only touched me but the people working there as well?!

I enjoyed every ounce of that coffee unlike any other before, it meant more to me coming from a well wishing stranger who simply decided to pay for the person behind him and so on my way home I sent up a special prayer of blessing for the stranger who blessed me in a small BIG way!!

Thank you Lord for sending that man across my path to brighten my day!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A time of love, laughter, tears and unconditional love...
My brother Allan and his wife and kids flew out to celebrate Christmas this past weekend. It started with family picture
s at a studio with all 24 of us, 9 kids age 9 and under trying to get them to all smile at actually went really smoothly and I took some pics while we were waiting between takes.

Me and my dad practising moves from Dancing with the Stars...we may need more practise..what do you think dad??

Me and my babe.

My brother's little girl..she is such a sweetheart!

Us hangin out at the studio waiting our turns to smile!
Well the pictures turned out great and we all had a few laughs thanks to my brother Sheldon who always keeps things exciting. I love spending time with my family!!
The rest of the day we hung out at my parents place, chatting, eating and having fun.
Sunday we went to church where Kezy took part in The Grinch as part of the service, she was a Who from Whoville her hair was wild...soo cute!

The Grinch The kids

Kezy is in the middle with the ponytail high up in the air...too funny. It was a very cute production.
After church it was back to Mom and Dad's for a hayride on my dad's new tractor and present time...what a great family time.
It is amazing how a family can to pull together and support each other through ups and downs and yet in the same moment laugh and smile. It was a hard weekend for my sister in law who had a miscarriage a week before our gathering. It was tough to see her in pain from her loss, there were tears, hugs and grins of support and love and yet through it all we managed to have a good time within the safety of our family. I am SO grateful for my family that truly surrounds each other through all times good and bad.
The hayride was great, despite the cold we took another group shot with my dad's new tractor and he shared with us that this was a 50year dream come true, what a moving moment, I know for myself it is a hard thing to see my dad emotional and this was one of those times were my heart swelled for my dad. I am so proud to be his girl!!!

Getting ready for the ride......

And last but not least..a beautiful snow angel!!!

And one last thought, this rang a bell in me and I was very moved while I was watching a movie in it it said.....(from Evan Almighty)

When we pray and ask God for patience does He give it to us or give us opportunities to be patient?
When we pray and ask God for courage does He just hand it to us or give us opportunities to be courageous?
When we ask for family closeness does God just zap us with warm fuzzy feelings or does He give us opportunities to love each other?

12- Things- about-me -Christmas -'hoopla', This was created by Andrea so here it goes...

1. My Birthday is during the Christmas season.
2. I have spent four Christmases in South America in 47 Celsius heat....yikes that was different than our snow.
3.Growing up we always opened our presents on Christmas morning and then went to church.
4.My nostalgic Christmas albums I listen to every year are Boney M and Kenny Rogers...I love the memories that they fill me with!
5. We open gifts with our kids now on Christmas morning, they get to sleep by the tree and dream about whats to come.
6. I LOVE eggnog especially with a splash of Captain Morgan's...heehee
7. My favorite Christmas treat is Butterscotch mom makes it the BEST
8. Every year for my birthday my hubby makes White Chocolate Cheesecake and invites friends and family over to come celebrate and most of my gifts are even wrapped in BIRTHDAY eh? can you tell how important that was to me growing up..oh the simple things
9. I love the Christmas season, the songs, the services, the special programs, the family time...i just LOVE it!
10. I love the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street' but I think my new family movie tradition will be watching 'The Nativity' with my kids
11. I LOVE eggnog lattes and gingerbread lattes at Starbucks during this season.
12. I like shopping alone, going out early in the morning and then spending the day wandering, grabbing a latte, sitting to a leisurely lunch, taking my time finding the perfect gift for people on my list.

mmmm why is it that a lot of my things have to do with food?? LOL

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Spectacular Part 1

Every year our sunday school kids take the month of December to sing for us instead of doing one night, so every Sunday we are blessed to see our kids perform. Today was Noah's aka G- Force's turn and he was very excited about it. He is the one in the bright yellow vest in the front row. We have come such a long way from all my kids refusing to go on stage. Now at least two of the three will participate, Kezy is next week and I'll have more pics to show then..they are doing the grinch and she is a 'who' from whoville, she is looking forward to the wild and crazy hair! As for Ezra as it stands now he is refusing to take part....I guess we'll wait and see.

And then after church while we were waiting for Conrad to finish volunteering in the parking lot me and the kids had some fun in the van taking pictures and enjoying our apple cider.