Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What are you eating??

Just got back from church and had a great night. I am blessed to have such a wonderful church and I love going even though I can always think of 100 reasons to stay at home.... today Conrad's uncle was speaking and I always love his teaching, it is humorous at times and yet sends the message home and today he was speaking directly at me I am sure that he was notified in advance that I would be there. I KNOW that I can be such a slacker and I have SO been slacking lately with my devotional time, I walk around and say 'man I wish I had a good book to read' and this little voice says...'I've got a good one', and I just ignore it and keep on looking. Well what was the message about tonight? yeah spending time with God in the word. I loved the way he spoke about it, it really made perfect sense to me. He said it like this as paraphrased by me 'we wouldn't go 4 days without food and then complain why we are so hungry, the same is with our spiritual food if we go 4 days without it our spirit is not being nourished, it is truly food for the soul.' MAN that was what did it for me. The answers all the questions I have about my life, parenting, marriage, friendships...... its all right there in the book. I know that when I am spending my time with God and focusing on His word life runs more smoothly, that I don't get frustrated as easily, that I do have more patience in the mornings. Life has all the same problems I am just able to manage them better. So what am I trying to say in all this?? well I want to get fed each and everyday with more of Him and in doing so I will be able to focus on the truly important things in life!!!


ValleyGirl said...

Isn't it funny how easy it is to pretend we don't have time to read our Bibles or talk to God? That 'going without food for 4 days' is a really good analogy.

And you'd be more than welcome to join either Tales from the Scales or Living Well -- or both! Tales is a little more hardcore and is all about weight loss, whereas Living Well is a little more geared towards well, just all around living well! Doing what's best for your body, heart, and soul.

I'd really encourage you to read Darlene's "I'm Choosing to Live Well" articles at CWO.

Wanda said...

Louise this prayer is from my Worship Bible..and it's the cry of my heart and helps me stay focused on spending time with Him!!

"I will rise early to meet you Lord, I will spend time alone with you whispering the secrets of my heart. I will wait for Your assurance and celebrate Your presence. In the vineyard of Your love I will be satisfied. Your are the Vine and I am the branch. Abiding in you, I receive all I that I require to live as your child in this world -- all the peace, the power, the grace, the hope, the mercy, the love. So I will rush to Your vineyard in the early hours, where I know I will find You waiting."
(Songs of Songs 7:12)
I love it when young women grave to be godly and spend time with the Lord...He will honor that!!!
Love and Hugs and I didn't mean
to preach a sermon. You've got to watch these Pastor's wives. ((smile))

Louise said...

Valleygirl - I'll check out those sites, thanks!!

Wanda- You are so wonderful that passage is just what I needed to hear, it was not a sermon but an encouragement to follow through!! I SOO appreciate you and I do hope you know that!! Hugs to you!!!
I'll have to get the message Bible my friend raves about it!! umm Christmas list maybe?! again thanks for your wise words!

Andrea said...

Love that analogy. I could sure take a lesson from that too!!

Mills' Memoirs said...

Amen, Sista! So good....