Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Feel a JUNK FOOD week comin on.........and it ain't a good thing~!

Ummmm yeah do my kids really need all this junk.....WOW! We have always taken our kids out trick or treating with friends and it has become and annual fun event that our kids SO look forward to, its also been a great way to bless other kids in the neighborhood with treats, I grew up going out and getting treats and as well with our own kids we have never focused on the negative aspects of Halloween and therefore my kids have only known it as a time to get treats...but oh my land this is the first year they have gotten this much and we were literally out for maybe an hour...crazy!

So many temptations for me being at home all day keeping the candy company, two ways to look at this....1) I am glad I have kids so I have an excuse to go out and get 'free' candy that I can 'share' with my kids OR 2) What on earth were we thinking taking them out trick or treating and having to face this temptation for the next few months. YIKERS

Chocolate is by FAR the biggest temptation for me SO the sooner this disappears (and hopefully not by me...heehee and I do face the scale again in 5 days..eeeek!) the better, a friend gave me and idea that I should let my kids have a few and then freeze the rest for loot bags for birthday party's...hmmm I might have to try that. But man is it ever too bad that Papa is retired, we'll need a good dentist if my kids consume all this!! anyone got a good one they care to share??

OH yeah my kids were SO cute and had such a great time and I will post pics when I get them from my friend's camera!!
Hope everyone had a great night whether or not you were out and about!

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Anonymous said...

Is'nt it amazing how much candy the kids bring home, having 3 kids of my own there is so much! I myself will have to self control, well at least I will try!

ValleyGirl said...

You know, when I was trick-or-treating age, I don't remember ever getting more than one, maybe two goodies, at each home. Nowadays it's just crazy!! We didn't take our girls out last night, so I had to stock up on clearance candy today!! Woo-hoo!!

Ruth said...

OR! you could share with RUTH! ahhh! ;)
i also have a huge weakness when it comes to anything covered in chocolate.

Erin said...

Little Aidie-bug's eyes were very round at the amount of treats she got from her first trick or treating and they only went around our street. I guess it's a good thing to have 60 houses on one street at Halloween time : ) I'm with you on the temptation. I already succumbed today. Oh, well. I think I'll freeze them like you suggested.

Andrea said...

I love how you said that you never focused on the negative aspects of halloween with your kids.

I know that a lot of people (especially Christians) don't participate in halloween at all -- but I see no reason why we can't just make it a fun tradition for kids to dress up (in appropriate costumes!) and get candy.

Glad you had a great night -- and of course I look forward to the pictures!

(was wondering WHEN you were going to post again!)

Nadine said...


Wanda said...

How terrible, but this year I made sure I only bought the kind "I" like, cause usually what's left over is yukky! Now after too many Reese Pieces...I should have got the junk stuff!
Happy Candy eating....!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

nasty stuff isn't it?

Gloria said...

I feel your pain. I have managed to stay away from it by buying only the chocolate bars I do not enjoy, but I DID sneak a few tootsie rolls.

cheeky said...

All that candy would be a temptation, I agree.
I've missed you. I've peeked in a bit but haven't commented so I am really behind. Looking forward to catching up.