Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Story of a Dream Come True

There once was a man named Franz and he dreamed of a tractor, growing up so poor with only one toy to play with that when a tractor drove by he would run to the road and watch it putt putt by with a twinkle in his eye and a dream in his heart that one day he would have one to call his own.

As he grew he married the love of his life and flew to a land faraway, the kids came fast and pressures they grew but still the dream remained true. Every parade was attended and pictures were taken of this dream tractor that would someday be his. The kids grew quickly and and all got married, the grandchildren came and the financial pressures still remained and although the dream still lived in his heart,it grew dimmer with each passing day.

When one fine day coming home from a long day of herding piggies and stacking the bails what did he find on his driveway but the tractor he dreamed of with only a note that read "to someone who always gives to others finally a gift for you."....... as rusted and old as the tractor may be the dream now fully alive of things to be, a shiney red tractor transformed to new, the dream is now fully true!!!!

So here sits a man so proud of his tractor, so deserving of ALL things good, STILL not knowing who gifted him so greatly with a TRUE DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!



Norm said...

Wow, I guess I needed that cry this morning...thanks Louise!

Gaby said...

That is a beautiful story! What an awesome gift... I would have loved to have seen your dads reaction!

Still no idea who gave him the tractor?


candypb said...

I just finish crying, why do you make me cry again? lol
Thats a beautiful tribute to dad. He is such a wonderful man. I love him so much.

cheeky said...

What a lovely gift to a deserving man. So sweet.

ps might you have something to do with the giving?

LiLi said...

Ahhhh love that everyone else you made me cry too. It is so great to see the tractor finally done...looks so awesome!!!!

Louise said...

Norm- I know I made even myself cry...I am SO stinkin happy for dad!!
Gaby- I am so thrilled for him, nope he doesn't know...we all think it is ALLAN!!
Candy- I know eh? whats not to love...he SO rocks!!
Cheeky- nope it wasn't me although I WISH it was...I think it is my brother Allan
LiLi- It looks awesome eh? he can't wait to take us all on a hayride, he is now building a matching trailer..too cute!

Rose said...

Oh I think Louise you have made everyone cry today but oh what a blessed feeling! No one deserves this more than Dad he's been such a wonderful Father to me. I always wished I could have given my Dad the orange Truck he wanted but it was not to be here on earth, but I believe he's cruising on the streets of glory with it, and someday I'll see him.

Love you!

Gloria said...

how wonderful. what an amazing gift.

*happy sigh*

ValleyGirl said...

Seriously, no one knows who gave it to him? That's awesome! What an incredibly sensitive and thoughtful gift!

Nadine said...

Wow what a blessing. I loved how you told it . . . it brought joy to my heart.

Wanda said...

Wonderful, wonderful story and love the picture...Looks like a Christmas Card to me!! :)

Mills' Memoirs said...

That is so awesome, Louise! I'm so happy for him.

esther said...

God is good!!!
HE even cares about the "tractors" in our lives :)
what a great story, i'm happy for your papa too...

Ruth said...

what a precious story!!!! thanks for sharing it louise.

have a GREAT weekend. shalom friend.