Friday, November 09, 2007

Mother aka the Nag.....

I think that is what my children must think...okay any other mothers out there who also poke and prod and basically push all morning to get the kids out the door on time. This week has been SO frustrating for that. Then add the bickering on top of that with each other and playing with the dog when teeth are supposed to be brushed and this does not make for a happy bunch including mama by the time we are at school. Maybe its just the week but man it has been trying! and then as soon as they leave the van I feel so guilty and feel I could have done things differently, spoken with more patience and less frustration and then the next morning it happens all over again!! I love my kids so much and am not always the best at showing them that during moments like this. As they leave the van I grit my teeth and say " I love you kids have a great day!" .....I tried to talk to them about being accountable for their own time so I don't have to nag to get them out the door on maybe I'll just continue to remind them of this over and over and something will click!! Well I will say I am thankful that I am the one with them every morning, just wish it would go more smoothly!!! I don't want to be remembered as the mom who was always frustrated and pushy....guess after this frustrating week I will try again next week and ask the Lord for help with being more patient and loving!!
Thanks moms out there for listening to me, for all you moms out there with school age kids I know you understand, if you have any thoughts or ideas PLEASE indulge me!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Erin said...

I wish I had some awesome advice for you, but unfortunately that is me most every time we are trying to get out the door. I'm so impatient. Pretty much every day I think "I could have done that day so much better."

You are an awesome mom! We all struggle for patience and wisdom. God will give you what you need for each week. (((HUGS)))

Elin said...

It is sooo hard not to get frustrated in the mornings. I found for Eilish it helped to have a list of the things she has to do in the mornings - she checks them off as she completes them, and I don't have to nag quite as much (note, I still nag some :))
I guess this only works for kids who likes lists, but maybe it would work for 1 or 2 of yours too. Love you lots. Hang in there.

Gloria said...

I am an "on time" freak! The way I grew up, it was "if you're not 15 minutes early, you are late."

Completely the opposite in my husband's family. There are times I think if he would be going any slower he would be going backwards.

Sadly, this has transfered to my children as well, so I am the freak at home that has to be on time for everything and stressing out to get everyone out the door and fuming in the car on the way there.

So, no, sorry, I don't have any tips for you, but I WILL check back to see if anyone else does. :)

Andrea said...

Gloria, I'm the same! I NEED to be on time for everything and my hubby is ALWAYS late.

I try to give myself enough time in the mornings to not rush my kids -- but kids just seem to know when you're in a hurry and then they turn into s-n-a-i-l-s.

Louise said...

Erin- thanks for the are a dear!

Elin- I might have to try that list thing, it just might work!

Gloria- I know I get SO frustrated by being late!!

Andrea- yeah it seems no matter how much time I give them they somehow manage to use it all up..LOL!

ValleyGirl said...

It seems this kind of thing was on the minds of a few mothers this last week. I've read a few posts already about this same thing after writing my own yesterday!

cheeky said...

I will pray for patience for you. It is a challenge. I often try to think about how my mom felt when trying to get me out the door to school. Urghhh! I know all about repeating and reminding and still . . . oh boy is it tough. You know how it works. Ask God to give you all you need to be loving, kind and patient in the morning. He never lets us down, does He?

Wanda said...

Hey...been a long time but I rememeber those days...They were always hectic, because I worked out of the home too. The one thing that saved me many times, was do the night before any and every possible thing that could be done the night before...lunches, what clothes they would wear, showers, etc. It did help to a certain extent! Also, my kids liked getting little messages on the napkin in their lunch box. (That was 30 years ago, maybe none of this works nowadays)
So, with all that said...I'll just pray for you Louise cause I know you are a fabulous MOM!!!

Louise said...

Valleygirl- yeah totally maybe it was just one of those weeks!! moms needing patience!

Cheeky-thanks for the thoughts and prayers they are MUCH appreciated!! It is so great having you back here!!!!!!

Wanda-thanks for the great ideas, I do try to put notes in their lunch bags now and then, I should do it more...a great reminder! I tried packing their lunches the night before but then they complained of soggy sandwiches...urghh! I guess this is a season and I will do my best to get through it with my children still loving me!!! Thanks so much for your prayers they mean A LOT!! Hugs to you!

it's me, Val said...

Coming in late hoping that it's gotten better for you, lately. It's definitely not easy being a mommy. (((big hugs!!)))

p.s. Your kids are such cuties.