Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today was the day, my kids had it all planned out we were going to set up the tree after church. We have a tradition of turning on the Christmas tunes and decorating it together and however it looks when it is done is the finished product, the kids get a new ornament every year and they each put on their own box of ornaments that they have received through the years so the tree is very colorful and childlike, not the local 'department store perfect' tree, my tree will be like this till the kids all leave home each with their boxes of ornaments and then I will have my perfect tree, till then I will have my tree where we hang the family memories and laugh and smile at all the ornaments we have received through the years, I love it that the kids feel a 'part' of the tree, here we are in the first pic 'fluffing' the fake tree.

Here is me with my favorite ornament I received from my mother in law our first year of marriage, I get to put this one up every year.

Ezra hanging his ornaments.

Noah reaching up to the perfect spot on the tree for his ornament.

Kezy received this ornament one year....I guess if was fitting...heehee!!

Nope we didn't adopt another child, this is my friend's daughter Eilish who spent the weekend with us, she is a part of our family too and enjoyed putting up the tree!

Here are me and my babe dancing to some Christmas tunes, the kids were all giggling and making comments but they all wanted to capture it with a picture.

And the final touch, Conrad lifting up Noah to put the star on the decorated tree, he was SO proud to be able to do this.

And Conrad says this final picture is all my fault because this happened while we were setting up the tree, beautiful big flakes of snow covering the ground.

What a great family time creating memories with my kids, I am so blessed to have such a great family and I am thankful for them today in a big way!!!

What about all of you, do you have your tree up? do you have a real one or a fake one? do you have any interesting family traditions?

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Ruth said...

love your tree! and your traditions. growing up, i think our funnest, most memorable christmas tradition was CAROLING. we go every christmas eve. my mom makes little food packages, gingerbread houses etc and we give them out whereever we go. it's the best. and i have done it every year (with the exception of one christmas that i spent in israel) since i was 4 years old!

Rose said...

I love your tradition too, I think I will have to steal it. I will have to back track and buy ornaments for all the years they've been around but that will be fun and they will love to get all of these new ornaments. Thanks for being an inspiration and great example of what it means to be a great mother who wants her kids to have great childhood memories. Love you!

ValleyGirl said...

We have a fake tree and it always goes up on the first Saturday in December. Hubby tries to keep the girls out of my hair while I get the tree out, 'fluffed' up, and the lights and garland strung on. Then they help me put the decorations on while hubby 'supervises.' (he's rather Scrooge-y, but pretends to have fun for the girls' sake!)

Anonymous said...

What a great family tradition! We have a real tree so we don't put it up until December. We all have a great time decorating it as well and listen to Christmas music. The kids love being able to help and put on their Christmas ornaments they have gotten over the years.

Nadine said...

We put the tree up after our American Thanksgiving (which is this Thursday). It's a fake tree and we have special ornaments also. Looked like you had a great time. The snow adds a nice touch.

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

Your family traditions sounds a lot like ours. We have crazy and/or sentimental ornaments from years gone by (Carl wanted to put on pop cans one year!) and of course ones that the kids have gotten as gifts. This year will be a bit different because we aren't home. I figured hanging up stockings would be the extent of our Christmas decorations, but Carl is eyeing the fake tree at Big Lots. Goodness knows where we'll put it, but maybe we can find some crazy ornaments here in CA!

Andrea said...

Louise, what a fun day! (and you look stunning, as always). Last year the girls helped us decorate our tree and it was messy and unorganized -- but I loved the fact that they got to be a part of it!

p.s. my favorite part of this post was that the kids took a picture of you dancing with their dad. knowing that they wanted to capture it on film -- you can tell that it means a lot to them to see evidence that their parents love each other.

Erin said...

I love your tradition. It sounds like such a blast. I need to be less anal about how the tree looks and let the kids put more kid friendly ornaments up (typical interior decorator). You and Conrad look so sweet : )

Sorry there haven't been any comments from me lately, my dial-up isn't letting me comment on your blog. So I'm doing this at Tara's : )

Wanda said...

Traditions are a wonderful thing! I love your pictures and your traditions with your children. I adore the photo of you and hubby dancing to the Christmas tunes.
Now that our family has grown to 21 and everyone except me and dad live down south. We travel to Southern CA each year and the kids take turns having Christmas at each home. So we enjoy each of the traditions they have formed.
One that has stuck since my childhood is Christmas Eve Dinner is Homemade Potato Soup, Fresh homemade bread, salad and Apple Pie.
You have beautiful snow...we ate Christmas dinner outside and opened our presents on the Patio last year 75 degrees !!

it's me, Val said...

Not fair! I want snow! It's raining cats and dogs here today.

GREAT pictures. Love them. We don't put up our tree till we think about it after Thanksgiving some time. We go out and cut one down ourselves. I can't wait to do it in the new house. We actually have a place for a tree in this house where we didn't in the last one.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!

esther said...

our tree is up too!! it goes without saying, i think?, that is a fakie
~what fun!!!
hohohoho :)

Louise said...

Ruth- I have heard about all your carolling, what a fabulous tradition and those houses are tasty!!

Rose-go ahead and do it with your boys, they would love it!!

Valleygirl- yeah sometimes it gets a bit hairy when setting things up but it is so worth it in the end though hey?

Tara- I LOVE real trees, the smell, the way they look etc. but for some reason we always put up our fake one, I think it is the less work part that we find!

Nadine-have fun putting up your tree today!!

Kathy-hey stockings add a good Christmasy touch and you could always set up one of those mini trees..heehee!

Andrea- yeah I love that they wanted to take the picture too, these are the times I want them to remember, not me yelling at them to get to school on!

Erin-great to hear from you! Yeah hey I would love the 'perfect' tree but for now this is our perfection with the kids around, I want it to be fun for them too they get so excited, some people I know have two trees one mommy gets to decorate all by herself and one for the kids!! maybe when the basement is finished!

Wanda- what fun travelling to different houses each year to celebrate and experience their own traditions!! And your Christmas Eve dinner sounds delish!!

Val- Have fun setting up your tree in your new place, how exciting, can't wait to see pics!!!

Esther- yeah I LOVE this time of year, it is so much fun for young and old!

Gaby said...

Hey Louise,

Alea and I have a very similar tradition at our house. Our tree went up on Nov seems to go up earlier and earlier...after all, it is the best time of year! I don't buy Alea a new ornament every year, but somehow she always manages to get one or two new ones. The tree is filling up nicely. I absolutely LOVE the kid ornaments and the joy it brings to Alea when she is placing them on the tree. She even takes a few down to just put them up again.

Love the pics!