Thursday, November 15, 2007

I was tagged by Gloria to do this meme, so here it goes....
8 Things

8 things I’m passionate about:
My family
God and His promises
Making my house a comfortable place for family and friends
My Friends

8 things I want to do before I die:
See my kids grow up into adults who love the Lord with all their hearts and have successful marriages and family!!
Travel to the Maldives with my honey.
Live off less than I give every month.
Meet Regis Philbin!!!!!
Go on a tropical vacation with my kids and see them swimming with dolphins!!
Do a free-fall ski-dive.
Live debt free, mortgage included!!
Live a long, healthy, active life and climb mountains with my babe!

8 things I say often:
Enough Already kids!
I love you big huge much.
Hurry up, we're late.
For crying out loud.
Don't do drugs!
Oh my land.

8 books I’ve read recently:
"Restless" William Boyd
"A Royal Duty" Paul Burrell
“The Ambler Warning" Robert Ludlum
“The Woods" Harlan Coben
“Code to Zero" Ken Follett
“Your Best Life Now" Joel Osteen
“Life on Purpose" Art Sepulveda
“Echo Park" Michael Connelly

8 songs that I could listen to over and over:
“Glorified" Parachute Band
“Angel” by SarahMacLachlan
“Where the Streets Have No Name" U2
“Don't Give Up" Josh Groban
Somebody's Me" Enrique Iglesias
"The Stand" Hillsongs
“You" Hillsongs
Nessum Dorma" Pavarotti
- SO many more, I guess that is what an iPod is for eh?

8 things that attract me to mybesfriend:
Gut-aching laughter
Always has my back
Even though there are ups and downs love still remains!!

8 things I’ve learned this past year:
That I can step out of my comfort zone and be okay
That fear is what has kept me back and I am the only one that can open those doors!
That I am more independent than I thought...not always a good thing
That I am mentally stronger than I thought
That having a dog can be such a wonderful thing.....I love having him around, I am now a 'dog-person'
That I am often scared to post about things that are really bothering me or how I really feel because of how many people read this(stole this one from Gloria)
That conflict is okay as long as lessons are learnt from it! Coming from someone who always avoided any sort of conflict...still working on this one!!
That being a stay at home mom is great and such a blessing!!!!!!


Wanda said...

This was wonderful...loved reading about you! :)

esther said...

meeting regis...that made me :)

loved reading this...

Anonymous said...

I liked reading about even more things about you! Seriously, I always use that word!

Rose said...

You are so beautiful Louise inside and out and I'm so honored to have you as my sister and truly blessed to have you as my sister in Christ.

it's me, Val said...

Louise, have you ever seen a "live with Regis . . " show?! I luckily got to see him and Kathy Lee in 96, I think it was. They were doing their show on the road and they came to Chicago. It was so fun! That day I remember Donnie Osmond as a guest! Funny. I didn't get to actually meet Regis, but it was pretty neat getting to be in the same building as him!

I, too, love the song "Angel", and so many of U2's songs. Especially those off the Rattle and Hum CD. They're such a great band.

I loved your lists!

Happy Turkey Day, friend!

Louise said...

VAL- I AM SOOOO JEALOUS you got to SEE Regis?? I have such a celebrity crush on one else just my Regis!! I so want to meet him someday!...what a cheeseball I am!!!