Monday, November 05, 2007

Dadada da....I'm lovin it.......

I am sitting here at my computer next to the window with my cup of coffee and I am loving the scene outside, there are big fluffy flakes of snow coming down. I love the first snow fall of the year why you may ask....well I am going to tell you..

1) The kids wake up excited and full of anticipation of all the outdoor winter activities that they can do...piling snow off the deck and jumping in, making snowmen, making snowangels etc etc

2) Excitement of things to come during this season


b) My birthday

c) My anniversary

d) Blizzard days when the family is forced together and we cuddle up with a good book or board game or a movie...great memories
e) Trip to Cuba - a little escape with friends and my honey
f) Trip to Vegas - time with my babe!

3) The only time of year where I can walk around fully clothed and not have to show skin...LOL...aka everyone looks great in winter!! ( umm can you tell I have shorts phobia?)

This is a common time in my location where people complain and whine about a long winter ahead and yet I love it, hey we choose to live here right?? Speaking of complaining I read somewhere that someone wore a bracelet I guess of any color and they attempted to not complain for 21 days straight, each time they complained the bracelet had to change to the other wrist until eventually 21days were completed...can you imagine? this means not complaining about whiny kids, dishes in the sink, laundry up to the roof, running out of cream when the coffee is fresh..etc etc the millions of other things I complain about everyday. This may be a great way in teaching myself a lesson to be thankful everyday for the abundance that I am I saying I am doing this??? I don't know....anyone want to join me in this challenge??? it could be tough with all the freezing cold days ahead!!

Well whatever the case I wish everyone a fantastic day and enjoy whatever window you are looking through!!

***** and then just like that at 1:45pm the snow is melted and gone till the next snowfall!!


it's me, Val said...

Not fair! I want snow!! :)

Andrea said...

After my initial negative reaction, I started to enjoy the beauty of it.

You're right...there are a lot of wonderful things about winter.

Just last night I looked out my front window and was almost breathless as I noticed how many houses down our street had beautiful Christmas lights already. What a gorgeous sight!

(I couldn't imagine not complaining about my whiney kids though...I'd fail miserably at that challenge!)

ValleyGirl said...

I am one of the many who complain about winter -- because if it were up to me, I'd DEFINITELY have chosen by now to move to Mexico, or at least somewhere south of Nebraska. Alas, it's not just up to me, so I'm forced to put up with winter. Nuts.

I could handle it if it weren't so long and cold -- I do love the SIGHT of snow and hoarfrost! -- but I could do without the frigidness lasting for 4 whole months!

Alison said...

I think I could use a lesson in not complaining.....about numerous things, not just snow or whiney kids. I am up for the does this mean you are in too?

Louise said...

Val- come on down, join us here in the north for some good snowfall..LO

Andrea- yup there sure is beauty in the snow and Christmas lights eh?

Valleygirl- you are right it does sometimes become a LONG winter but I start out really enjoying it and it helps to get away for two weeks of it ;)

Alison- I didn't think someone would actually I may have to do this challenge!! I really do wonder how long I would last, I am sure the first day I would change wrists at least 100 times...I guess I really need to do this!!

Nadine said...

Already snow. Wow. Hey you have lots to look forward to.

Gloria said...

thank goodness it was snowing again by 4 huh?

Wanda said...

Oh I'm jealous...we never get snow in this valley! I take that back, I think it snowed once in 1961!! But then who would remember!!

It does get cold in this valley and I'm putting my shorts away too.

cheeky said...

Oh I LOVE snow. I love cold, winter days, staying in and doing all the things you said. Oh the joy. I love layering and wearing jumpers and hats too. Winter clothes are yummy!
I think the "no" complaining trial is a wonderful idea and would make one really aware of what we actually do complain about.

lil ole' me..... said...

Wow! I can't believe that you have snow already!
We don't even have our heat on yet! (yeah, we like our house a little on the chilly side....)

The Heppner's said...

Well, I for one am missing the light dusting of snow and the sweaters. Though I'm not complaining!! Glad you found my blog - and I guess I found yours!