Monday, November 12, 2007

8 Random Things...
I was tagged by Erin to share these random things about here it goes...

One- I am somewhat fluent in, high-German and very fluent in low-German, different dialects, grew up speaking German at home it was my first language. To this day my parents speak to me in German and I mostly respond in English unless it is something I don't want my kids to understand, I do have some regrets about not teaching my kids the language

Two - My parents were born and raised in Paraguay, South America a beautiful country that I have been fortunate to visit four times and hoping to go back with my brothers and parents in 2009 one last time as a family. I have a tonne of relatives still living out there including my grandparents.

Three - ( this one is a tad graphic) I have a small fear of cats because when I was a child I got my very first pet at the age of five a tiny sweet little kitten and the first day I had it I hopped into the car to go to a friends place and not knowing that my kitten was following me I slammed its head in the car door and I was DEVASTATED!!and thanks to my mom it didn't suffer too much she 'took' care of it and I have been traumatized ever since...I think cats are out to get!

Four - My nose has been broken 4 times - 1) giving my younger brother a piggy back ride and fell flat on my face I did not use my arms to brace my fall because I was trying to protect my brother from hurting himself 2) one of my older brothers(no names mentioned) got mad at me and punched me in the nose when we were little 3) okay this one is quite hilarious...have you seen those cartoons were the character steps on the end of the rake and the handle flies up and hits them in the face...well picture me doing that and yup it is a real kicker!!! YOUCH!!! 4) I was at camp and someone was in the pool and swimming backwards and I got in the way and got punched full force in the nose...on this one it never got 're-set' so I went through junior high and high school with a large bump on my nose...kinda witch like and in 1997 I got my nose-job well not really it was a medical reason to repair my deviated septum and they fixed the bump on my nose, my septum is still deviated but the bump is gone and I am thankful for that!!!!
Whew that was a LONG one!!

Five- I was hit by a car when I was three years old, I was following my brothers around the yard playing with their big dump trucks and they crossed the road and I followed not looking were I was going or looking both ways and I was hit by a car and I remember being carried into the house by a tall man with a beard...I was fine only a few bumps and bruises. Thank goodness for angels!!

Six - I only dated left handed men (unknowingly- meaning I never checked on purpose to see if they were left handed, just happened) AND then I met Conrad and he was my first right-hander and the rest they say is history.....LOL!!!

Seven- My dad was born left-handed but was not allowed to be left-handed in school and was severely punished each time he used his left hand, on one instance he had to sharpen his pencil and place the weight of his head on the tip of the sharpened pencil and the teacher would come around and push his head down to add more force, hence my dad only completed grade 1 or 2. To this day he writes with his right hand but does most other things left handed!! and on a small note my Ezra is the same way, writes with his right and does ALL sports with his left.

Eight- This one is a tad personal but what the heck, most of you know me and know this about me. I was four months pregnant when I got married at the age of 21 I had three kids within three years and got my tubes tied at the age of 25 I am now 30 and all my kids are in school full-time and now I sit and ponder what to do with the rest of my life!!! Life is good and I am so blessed that things turned out as well as they did in my marriage, God is good!!!

Thanks Erin for this meme. If anyone wants to do it, leave me and note and I'll come check it out on your blog!!
Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!


Andrea said...

Uh...can you say 'accident-prone'???

You make me laugh. Seriously -- you broke your nose FOUR times...unbelieavable!!!

Carl & Kathy Heppner said...

I enjoyed the 8 random things about you. Dating on Left Handed Men, that's funny!!

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, you're so much more interesting than I am!!!!

Erin said...

I had no idea your first language was German. And that cat incident must have been traumatizing. Great answers. Well thought out. Thanks for playing : )

ValleyGirl said...

P.S. Saw this recipe and thought of you!!

Gloria said...

Hey! She plays piano, grade 5.

Wanda said...

Wonderful wonderful! These tags are great for getting to really know someone. I knew you were an extraordinary women...but this proves it.

Nadine said...

What fabulous facts about you.

I'm part German (I don't speak it) my great grandma was German.

The whole broken nose thing ... oh my.

Mills' Memoirs said...

Louise, you must have had a whole team of guardian angels around you at all times! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Great answers, very interesting. I did mine, but not as interesting as yours!

cheeky said...

I'm glad to know a few more things about you.
I am a langauge lover. Started with French.I had an opportunity to live in Germany, and well that was all it took. I love German and never thought after studying French for so long I'd ever take up German. How wonderful to have parents whose first tongue is German.
How did your parents come to stay in Paraguay? I know there are a lot of German immigrants in South America. How very interesting.

it's me, Val said...

Omgoodness, are you younger than me?! Not fair. I'm finally really starting to feel old lately. I so hate feeling old. Make me feel young! :)

Speaking of left-handed, I'm left-handed. So is my hubby. Funny thing is, neither one of our children are! Crazy, eh?!

Sorry about all your nose breaks. Owie!