Monday, October 01, 2007

So I just finished an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press and it should be in the paper on Wednesday..I think it went okay. So remember how I mentioned earlier that they are touting it as a Winnipeg housewife who is trying to save her marriage WELL the narration to the show also says that...I told the interviewer that I didn't do this to save my marriage because whether or not I had done the show we would still be together, I did it to IMPROVE my marriage as this should be the goal of any marriage right?!?! too funny, anyway just goes to show you how words can be rearranged to make there appear to be 'drama' where there really isn't.
That being said I am looking forward to seeing it , he said it was well done and looks good. I am so curious already...two more sleeps and one live radio interview to go and then I can enjoy watching the show!! EEEEk!!
(a pic of me and Bruce, the host of NOW)

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Rose said...

Alright Louise,
It's so close and I can hardly wait, I've told lots of my friends so you will have fans from all over since I am so well known all over the world you know. I know you will do awesome and don't let the papers bother you like you say, you and all the people you know know the truth and that's what counts anyway. You've got everyone cheering for you Girl!
Love you!

Joyce said...

Hey! I read about you in the paper at my mom and dad's last night. How amazing is that? WAY to GO!

Gloria said...

Wow, so many famous blogging friends.... I am excited for you. When is the big showing? And where?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you on the big screen!

Ruth said...

very very cool. :) i think you're a brave, bold woman!

lil ole' me..... said...

Man, I wish I could watch!!!
Good luck on your big debut!!!

PS. How is your dad?