Saturday, October 13, 2007

A great day.......

Today I had the honour of being sound-woman at my cousin Rhonda's wedding! She is so special to me she was born when I was 9 and she was my only girl cousin on my mom's side of the family that lived around here so we have always shared a special bond. It was a gorgeous wedding filled with lots of emotion and love! I couldn't believe how emotional I got watching her walk down the aisle. It was a GOD day... all week it has been cloudy and rainy and today the sun came out and offered us the MOST perfect fall day!! I talked with the couple after the ceremony and they both agreed they couldn't have had a better day~what a blessing!

So here are a few pics...enjoy!

Parents of the bride and my mom.

Me and Conrad..again he always loves these!

My Brother Norm and his wife Rose

My Brother Sheldon and his wife Candy

Me and my gorgeous cousin Max, sis-in-law of the bride.

My mom and dad.

Me and my cous, she was just so stunning! So proud of her!

Congrats chick!Enjoy this journey you are on!! God bless you and your marriage! Love you ALWAYS and forever, your cousin.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Hope you pulled the "soundman" off without a hitch!

Andrea said...

You are crazy photogenic, did you know that???

Erin said...

Hope you got all the volume problems and timing sorted out, ha, ha! I'm sure you did amazing. Love the pictures...what a great day for a wedding.

esther said...

all grown up...
yikes i havn't seen her for ages.
simply gorgeous :)

Ruth said...


i see by the looks of your ticker on your sidebar that ou are in TO!

have fun!

Nadine said...

Lovely bride. You look great. Thanks for sharing.