Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Rainbow..a sign of God's Promise to Noah.
On Sunday I was so blessed to go to Niagra Falls my brother and his wife thought it was fitting to go to the scene of my fear of heights so that I could conquer it. After appearing on NOW I realised that this could be done as I had done things WAY worse. So off we went on a little road trip to the Falls. As we arrived I started getting butterflies and as we got to the edge the most beautiful rainbow appeared SO clearly. I looked over the edge of the falls and felt a sense of accomplishment. I am was reminded that God's promise to me is that He will never leave me or forsake me, what a fantastic promise, one that I can hold onto each day no matter what the circumstance. Seeing that rainbow reminded me of that and all of God's beauty in creation. We are truly blessed to live on this earth and experience His beauty around us each day. I am so thankful that I got to overcome the fear once and for all. Will I experience butterflies when I come to a situation out of my comfort zone? i think absolutely but through it all I know that my security lies with the One who created this all for me to enjoy!!!
What a blessing, God is so good!!!
Thanks Al and Beck for giving me a day to remember!!!!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Hey Everyone...
I am enjoying some time away at my brother's place. I met my nephew Blake for the first time and am enjoying diaper changing and bottle feeding(man its been a while). I am having such a great time here and have a few more days to enjoy!
Hope you are all well.

I will update when I get back, here is a video of my niece saying her bedtime prayers..SOO sweet! I am so blessed to be able to tuck her in at night!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A great day.......

Today I had the honour of being sound-woman at my cousin Rhonda's wedding! She is so special to me she was born when I was 9 and she was my only girl cousin on my mom's side of the family that lived around here so we have always shared a special bond. It was a gorgeous wedding filled with lots of emotion and love! I couldn't believe how emotional I got watching her walk down the aisle. It was a GOD day... all week it has been cloudy and rainy and today the sun came out and offered us the MOST perfect fall day!! I talked with the couple after the ceremony and they both agreed they couldn't have had a better day~what a blessing!

So here are a few pics...enjoy!

Parents of the bride and my mom.

Me and Conrad..again he always loves these!

My Brother Norm and his wife Rose

My Brother Sheldon and his wife Candy

Me and my gorgeous cousin Max, sis-in-law of the bride.

My mom and dad.

Me and my cous, she was just so stunning! So proud of her!

Congrats chick!Enjoy this journey you are on!! God bless you and your marriage! Love you ALWAYS and forever, your cousin.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What a way to start the day....
Off to take the kids to school and as always Rex comes along for the ride WELL today was different when the kids jumped out Rex jumped out and ran across the road, Ezra is freaking out crying yelling' no Rex no' and I jump out of my van...thank the Lord I am dressed in more than my usual PJ's to drive them I was actually fully clothed, I ran across the street after him, I had visions of this tiny investment being squished and my kids and about 100 other kids witnessing it. Well after running into the playground on the other side of the street I caught up to the dog and boy was I ticked, ticked not only because it traumatized Ezra and what a way to start his day but also because I felt so out of control in the situation. The first instinct is to run out into traffic after the dog but then you have to stop yourself. While I am in the flurry of running after my dog some kid yells' hey I saw you on tv' and I brushed him aside saying ' yeah good' if that was your kid he officially thinks I am a tv diva...sorry!! just trying to get my dog.
Now Rex sleeps peacefully in his bed beside the computer but I think he KNOWS he ticked mama off.
I just hope Ezra has a good day despite what he saw in the morning!!

Sidenote this got me thinking......I thought about how many times does God try to save me from a close call and He is looking down at his investment yelling 'no Louise no' don't do that and I just ignore and run anyway! Thank goodness He is there with his big arms to scoop me up when things do go wrong and give me a gentle warning but it could've ended differently and it is all about what choice am I making, am I truly listening or am I ignoring and running.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little update...
My dad's appointment was cancelled and re-scheduled for next week!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Day to be thankful and ask for a prayer......

I feel so incredibly blessed in my life I have so many great friendships, my kids light up my world, I have a hubby who cares SO much and the list could go ON AN ON but I have a little story and one I need your help with....

A bit over a week ago my dad got a call from his doctor and they wanted to do further tests to see if he has colon cancer and they were going to make him wait till Dec 13th( yup CRAZY) so my mom got on the phone and told them this isn't good enough get us in this Wednesday Oct 10th at 2:30pm my dad is going for further tests so if you think of it anytime, now , later.....anytime please send up a prayer for my daddy. I love this man SO much, he is my modern day hero, he has colored my world with SO much love and laughter our family is not complete without all his stories, he is truly loved. I thank you in advance for those prayers!! He was in a great mood today but continue to pray for peace in his life.....thanks!

Also praying for my bro Sheldon( Candy's Hubby) in some pain and also going for tests. Its a strange time in our family right now never really experienced any sort of illness, we are keeping in good spirits and hoping and praying for the best possible outcome. Thanks all for your kindness and thoughts!!

Hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving and aren't too stuffed(umm yeah who are we kidding right?)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thanksgiving Blessings..
Time of the harvest,
time of good living,
Time of remembrance,
time of thanksgiving,
Time to reflect on the blessings God sends
—wonderful people,
family and friends!!-author unknown

Thoughts of you at Thanksgiving are also heartfelt prayers that you and your family be blessed with much happiness,and that all of you will always know how very special you are.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sweet Relief.....
The minute the show finished airing I could breathe again!! What a surreal feeling watching myself go through all those events again, at some moments it felt as though I was back on the ledge feeling what I felt at that exact moment and the tears flowed. I found myself getting really emotional watching it all unfold....
Head to CBC check out the blog for more entries, behind the scenes footage and to watch the entire episode....
A shout out to all my friends and family that made it out to the party last night...THANK YOU, you being there meant SO much to me and I am forver grateful!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pics from last night.....have many more coming.....THANKS to Kathy Harder photography !!

(cake made by BIGWAY grocery store locally)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007 unhinged....
I guess maybe saying unhinged is a tad strong but my nerves have been getting to me and this is how I feel at this moment in time, this morning I awoke in the wee hours at 5am and headed to the city for my early 6:50am live radio interview, where they made light of the fact that I was trying to SAVE my marriage, we had a good chuckle and I explained how I felt and blah blah blah the interview went well overall I think, it was a bit daunting being live and I was aware of every word and fumbling my words but anyway I wanna say thanks to Jackie for keeping me company!! and then we headed out for breaky and picked up the Free press to see the article that was done about me and the show itself and the written article was fine and well done and then the picture above it says HOEPPNER (right ) and Valana (my co-competitor) and get this it is a picture of BRUCE the host and Valana......this made me laugh SOOOO hard, I hadn't realised I looked so much like a man...LOL!! yeah we had a good chuckle so I sent the reporter a pic and an email stated I was amused and that I sent the picture to prove that I am in fact a woman..heehee!
So here I sit I my computer and I find this really harsh and degrading review of the like knock em down insulting etc etc. I realise that this happens in tv land and it is to be expected no everyone will enjoy it and I am so guilty of reading these types of articles about someone else and beleiving everything the reporter is saying....but man as hard as it was to read I am so thankful that my self worth does not come from what someone elses opinion of me may be. Yeah so as the time slowly ticks by I get closer to seeing this all unfold 'live' and it is a daunting feeling, vulnerable a bit of a skin crawling feeling, but I hear the passage echoing in my head Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and peace.
I have never expected this to be some vaulting point to stardom or fame I did this to conquer a deeply personal fear ...was the venue a good choice, in my opinion why not? it changed my thinking on many different levels and I am thankful to have had the experience. I pray this may all be used for good and that if it inspires just one person to become more of what God wants them to be then it has been used for good~!
Thanks again to you, my friends and family for your kindness, love and support!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Okay you might be getting sick of this but for those of you in the USA or here in Canada you can now see footage of me on the website and you'll be able to view the entire episode starting on Thursday and see the behind the scenes footage....check it out!! EEEK I am nervous!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Here is the info for those who asked:

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3rd (thanks Gloria...LOL)
8:30pm Local time(if you have satellite it is on 6:30 and 7:30 too)

A BLOG has been set up by CBC about our experiences check out my blog there and my fellow competitor Pasco!!
So I just finished an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press and it should be in the paper on Wednesday..I think it went okay. So remember how I mentioned earlier that they are touting it as a Winnipeg housewife who is trying to save her marriage WELL the narration to the show also says that...I told the interviewer that I didn't do this to save my marriage because whether or not I had done the show we would still be together, I did it to IMPROVE my marriage as this should be the goal of any marriage right?!?! too funny, anyway just goes to show you how words can be rearranged to make there appear to be 'drama' where there really isn't.
That being said I am looking forward to seeing it , he said it was well done and looks good. I am so curious already...two more sleeps and one live radio interview to go and then I can enjoy watching the show!! EEEEk!!
(a pic of me and Bruce, the host of NOW)

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