Tuesday, September 04, 2007

WOW am I glad this day is almost done....

Just one of those days when SO much was to be accomplished but YEAH it all got done!!
Got the dog to his first grooming in one city,

bought school groceries,

got Ezra new glasses in another city since his broke but alas they are only ready in a week and school starts tomorrow,

got Kez and Noah's hair done back at home,

went to meet the teacher...and now a moment of peace before bed....

BUT tomorrow is a big day.. HUGE in fact SO big that I have been waiting for it for 5 years...not waiting as not enjoying my life where I was at.... but just at the back of my mind knowing this day was coming and now that I am on the eve of the big day of EVERYTONE going to school there are mixed emotions, Noah wanted to fall asleep with my blanket..nervous I guess, Ezra kept on coming into the kitchen as an excuse for something...nervous I guess and Kez...well she feel asleep wanting to wear her new "first day of school" clothes. And here I sit knowing that tomorrow all my kids will be in school all more driving at noon for Kez, she has to be there all day, eat lunch play outside with the big kids at recess and be okay without mom all day, I have no doubt she'll be fine...she is such a trooper, her biggest fear is that she'll get too hungry before lunch!!

Today we got to go meet the teachers and bring in all their school supplies and tomorrow is the big day.

As for me I still have Rex at home to keep me company although I am not too worried about needing company for now, I just hope and pray the kids enjoy school and make good friends and are happy and I'll enjoy some much needed alone time after 9 years of having kids around most of the time!

Here are some pics I took of the kids tonight....

Noah sleeping with Rex(nice curled up ear Rex) AND my blanket(yes its a beautiful pink and I've been sleeping with it since I was about his age)...what a sweetheart! for all of you out there worried about my dog training abilities Rex does get kenneled at!


Wanda said...

Louise, I so loved this post, it brought tears, because my grandchildren that are now teenagers, still use the quilts I made them as babies. It touches me that Noah loves sleeping with you blanket!...You are indeed a special mom.
Love and Hugs.

svea said...

aww hugs to you and if you start missing little people runnin around come visit me and mine =) your kids look so cute all growing up =)

ValleyGirl said...

I'm with you. I'll still have Abby at home, but starting tomorrow, Hannah's going to be gone full days every other day. It's like you said -- I knew this day was coming and there were times when I could hardly wait, and now... it's almost too soon. In fact, I've even been toying with the idea of HOMESCHOOLING (gasp -- if you really knew me, you'd be shocked, too!) for the first time in, like EVER, and I think it's just because I'd like to hang onto her just a little longer. I know it's better for her this way though (I'm hardly patient enough explaining everyday stuff to her, let alone trying to teach school stuff!!) and I'm looking forward to having one-on-one time with my Punkin, who's never gotten any of that yet.

Enjoy the peace and quiet!!

Erin said...

Look at you with your kids all grown up and going to school! That's so crazy! I can't believe how big Kez is getting. If you ever need somewhere to hang for a while, give me a shout. For now, enjoy your freedom and maybe...sleep? ; )

Andrea said...

Wow -- what a HUGE thing...ALL your kids in school full time.

I'm freaking out already about Joelle starting kindergarden NEXT year!

Keep praying for good friends for your kids -- that's one of the most important things.

Looking forward to hearing (reading) reports on their first day!!

Kathy said...

Oh Louise,
You've come so far! I pray that this new chapter in your life will be even more awesome than you thought it could be, and this new chapter in your kids lives will be even more awesome than you or they thought it could be.
Love ya lots,

Ruth said...

louise! wow...all your babies are now in school! sooooo -- curious minds need to know, how did you spend your day?

Elin said...

Oh Louise! At this time in my life I can't even imagine all my kids being gone all day, but Eilish left for her first day of school today, and I can't help but miss her. I'm sure I'll feel better about this school-thing once I know she is enjoying the learning and the playtime at recess.
I hope that this time in your life will be everything you have imagined for so long, and more. Enjoy it, cherish it, and before long they'll all graduate and then what?????
Love you.